Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that August is almost here!  My kids start back to school on August 15, and so this coming week we will be registering for school, going to the doctor for shots and physicals, buying school supplies and fall clothes and all that accompanies this time of year. Good luck if you have to do something similar! My family just returned a couple of weeks ago from a five-day vacation to Branson, Missouri.  Once in awhile, my brother’s family and my Mom will join us, and they did this year.  We stayed at a lovely resort called Falls Creek Village.

Our rooms were well-decorated and spacey, with a fully-stocked kitchen, a jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom, and nice outdoor scenery. I had a great time with a calm agenda. We didn’t over-schedule ourselves.  For many women when they go on vacation with children and spouse, it’s more like a “relocation.”  They still have all the responsibility for taking care of the family’s needs but simply in a different location.  Don’t let this happen to you! Give yourself time for rest and relaxation.  I had plenty of time to complete my morning ritual of prayer, meditation, journaling and a daily energy routine and some
exercise (about 90 minutes in total).  This keeps me centered even when my normal schedule is thrown off.

I normally don’t do my full exercise routine while on vacation, because I want to allow this time with my family to do physical activities, and it just feels less stringent to me. If you really want to do your normal exercise, then go for it! I also followed a plan of eating, according to my good friend, Maureen Wielansky’s, Knock Out Body Restaurant Guide. Most of us eat out a lot while on vacation, and so this gives you
a plan to follow in which you don’t feel deprived.  It worked great for me! I allowed a certain % of the meals to fall into three categories:

1) The Stick to the Plan Meal (going without starches or the bread bowl);
2) The Treat Meal (choosing just ONE item that you normally wouldn’t indulge); and
3) The Decadent Splurge (have your favorite plus dessert).

Enjoy the rest of your summer as well as your vacation, if you still haven’t taken it! Remember to take time for pampering, self-care and self-reflection so that you truly come back refreshed and recharged from your vacation.  If you are simply taking time off at home, do the same thing.  Don’t make it all about work if you can help it.  You will know how much you value your self-worth by taking a look at how you invest
in yourself.  Do you need to put some more time and money into your most important asset, YOU?

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko