Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel like you will never stop self-sabotaging yourself, and that self improvement is a never-ending process?  Well, the last statement is true.  You will never be done with change or trying to improve.  Instead of letting this bother you, just accept it.  Even though we may be just one individual, we are little evolutionary entities, always wanting and needing to get better. Have you ever wondered why affirmations don’t work sometimes?  It is because our conscious mind will reject them if they seem to “far off the path” of our current reality, and they won’t even trickle down into our subconscious mind to take root.

So what can you do about this?  If you want to really talk to your subconscious mind, you can use hypnosis, meridian tapping/EFT, subliminal recordings, etc. Another bonus tip. Don’t deny where you are currently at, or what you consciously think.  You may want to BE peace and love and joy and even think you SHOULD behave accordingly, but then you turn around and yell at your kids or spouse or think mean thoughts about someone.  The guilt sets in that you aren’t developing fast enough or that you aren’t spiritual enough. Listen–I understand that you want to be whole, happy and complete.  In the meantime, you have this inner rebel or saboteur that crowds your mind with negative thoughts.

Instead of denying this part of you and trying to shove it in the background of your mind, talk to it.  I do this all of the time while doing EFT.  All of your thoughts are part of you, and they are never going to be gone completely. The good news is that you can “overpower” your negative voices with positive ones.  You can listen to the negative voice, calm it down, observe it, and then say to yourself, “Up until this time I have been very hard on myself. Going forward, every day, in every way I am getting healthier and healthier,” or you can substitute wealthier, wiser, happier, etc.  Customize the sentence to your challenge. You are not trying to deny your past.  You are making peace with it and being open to the possibility of doing something different, of thinking in a different way.

With practice and persistence, your positive thoughts will begin to overcrowd your negative thoughts, and you will feel better. It’s almost as if your negative thoughts are deactivated, like you are taming the inner tiger.  Just be aware that some event or situation can always re-trigger your negative thought or belief, and then it’s your job to regain control.  If you’ve been practicing at being a careful gatekeeper to your
subconscious mind, by being aware of your thoughts, and you’ve made how you feel a priority, you will bounce back faster each time from environmental triggers.

Your MIND is that part of you that is connected to Source Energy and that is Eternal Energy. It’s not just a mass of brain tissue.  Honor your MIND, respect its power as it’s your connection to intuition, peace and love.

Make it an awesome day!

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko