Dear Friends,

Do you ever wonder why it is that your life doesn’t look the way you want it to?  Please go on a journey with me if you will.  It’s Monday morning 6am, and the alarm is frantically going off, beep, beep, beep, it shrills in your head, sort of like driving tiny nails into your sleeping serenity.   The work week is starting over again, you think with dread.  You get up after turning off the snooze button three times. The thought of coping with your high-maintenance, demanding, condescending boss is almost enough to drive you over the edge.  And what is more, you are only paid $12.50/hour to do this thankless job.

So you are dragging your feet as you shuffle to the bathroom to brush your teeth. After the monotonous routine of showering, eating a quick breakfast, and picking up around the house, you’re out the door and sitting in rush hour traffic for over an hour. By the time you get to work, you are fuming inside, and naturally, your boss has that “cheery” demeanor waiting for you, not good morning, how was your weekend, but Mary, do you have the reports for me?  You know I have my Monday morning conference
call with headquarters.  And hopefully they won’t be chock full of mistakes like they were last week.  If you embarrass me one more time like that, you’ll need to be updating your resume.” After the normal day of rushing around to meet deadlines, skipping lunch, and putting out fires, you arrive home around 5:30pm and flop down on the couch.

All you want to do is veg out in front of the TV, eat some pizza, and watch reruns of My Name is Earl.  But oh no!  Your two teenage girls are demanding, “What’s for dinner, Mom?  Hey, when are you going to take us to register for school?  Hey, I need my favorite blue blouse washed for pictures when we go to register.” So you put a load of laundry in, arrange a time after your busy work day to register the girls for school, make dinner, clean up after dinner, and finally settle down on the sofa to relax. It’s almost 10pm by now.  You are craving something sweet to eat to calm yourself and alleviate the stress.  So you decide to eat a bowl of ice cream and add some peanut butter and whipped cream to it.

That sets up a craving for something salty and so you go for the bag of chips and dip. Your husband gives you that knowing look that implies, “Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve done anything…how about tonight?”  At one time, you used to love making love to him, but now, your body is showing signs of aging, and you have put on about 20 pounds due to the binging and subsequent restricting.  The thought of him looking
at your fat, especially when you feel so full, drives you into despair.  You want to please him, but you resent yourself for being so out of control with your life, and so you reply, “Honey, I have an awful head ache tonight, and I’m exhausted.  How about tomorrow night?” but he knows that there will be another excuse then too.

So this is your life.  Pretty dismal, huh?  The stress has set up a cycle of overeating, feeling bad about yourself, eating more in the hopes of getting energy and calm but never quite meeting the need, and all of this has affected your relationships with your kids, your husband, your boss, and even your friends, because you have nothing left for anyone.  So how can you change it? Start on the physical realm first.  Make a list of your negative beliefs about the world (i.e., I’m getting older and fatter and no one really wants me).  How can you change this belief to serve you?  “I’m getting older and wiser and I want me.  I care enough about myself to find a way to get healthier and stronger.”

Your emotions create an invisible energy field around you that pulsates and magnetizes like-minded energies to it, in the case above, unhealthy relationships, an unhappy job and life.  Mary needs to start by loving her body and seeing her body the way she wants it, not focusing on the current result.  She must change her thinking FIRST.  Her emotions will follow which will lead to different results. Go to this link to see how to change your thinking and get your desired results.

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Angie Monko