Do you ever find yourself driving, striving and pushing yourself real hard to get things done? Ever find yourself trying to be everything to everybody and then feeling resentful?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How worthy do I feel?” Well there are a few symptoms of NOT feeling worthy that you’re probably unaware of because you haven’t even thought about it.

Feeling unworthy is certainly a subconscious thing, which can be validated by the fact that you’re most
likely thinking, “Of course I’m worthy.”  To discover the deeper Truth, simply answer these questions.

1) Do you have trouble receiving, whether it’s a compliment, money or gifts?

2) Do you ever receive a gift and then immediately feel like you have to give back to the giver?

3) Ever give to others excessively and then feel like a doormat?

4) Do you have poor self-care habits of not enough good nutrition, sleep, fun, exercise, time alone, etc.?

5) Do you ever want something (health, money, a good relationship) but you can’t seem to get it and keep it?

6) Do you have negative self-talk and think you should be further ahead?

7) Do you not express your thoughts, feelings, needs and desires and keep them bottled up inside?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this is an indication that an underlying belief of not feeling worthy and deserving is in operation.

I have felt this way and continue to feel this way when I receive inconsistent cash flow, feel ignored by others, unsupported, and that I don’t belong.

The main difference now in how I live my life is that I observe the panicked voices that repeatedly tell me I’m not good enough.  I recognize them as a scared aspect of me and go on with life.  I simply turn the page to see what will happen next.

My life has never been perfect and never will be. I view “negative” events as experiences that just ARE.  I wish I
could say that I’m at peace with ALL experiences of life, but I’m not there yet.

Are you intrigued?  I’d love to support you on your journey within so that you can reclaim your power from the outside story (whatever is happening to you), in other words, become a Worthy Self-Advocate.

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Very Gratefully Yours,

Angie Monko