Dear Friends,

Our emotional state is what drives our results.  Are you getting the desired results in your life?
You might consider paying closer attention to your feelings.  Emotions are energy in motion, and since we are made of energy, as Einstein proved, you could equate our being as one big ball of emotion. I run into difficulty when I ignore my emotions. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting that you allow your emotions to run your every decision. What I am saying is that our emotional state is a very accurate radar system, and we should use our emotions to “detect” that something needs to change.

Our physical body’s symptoms are also a clue as to what must change for our spiritual growth.
What the mind represses, the body expresses. It’s not surprising that the emotions and the body
are such accurate guideposts, suggesting that we need to change.   When you feel something for an extended period of time, whether positive or negative, it makes sense that this feeling state has an impact on your physical health. This is the often-referred-to mind-body connection. The mind (emotions) and the body are wondrously woven together. If I want to change, I need to evoke positive emotions and inundate my subconscious with them.  It does me no good to spout off a bunch of affirmations without imbuing emotion in them.  For example, I want to release 15 pounds, but the scale doesn’t seem to budge no matter how I eat.

This is the result of a subconscious belief that weight loss is difficult the older I get, and that I have little control over it, no matter how much I eat or exercise.  Further, this belief creates thoughts and subsequent emotions that don’t facilitate weight loss. My overriding emotions about my body keep me where I am at. The best way for me to honor my emotions is to accept them and let them be. Then they dissolve.  I’ve been resistant to spending much money on my clothing and personal image. Part of me felt like I didn’t want to invest the money with a personal image coach when I am 15 pounds overweight.    I also felt it was vain to put so much importance on physical appearance. I realized tha t I was being self-abusive.  I am worth investing in my body and looks right NOW.  This created a

shift inside of me, just by making the decision, and I haven’t even consulted anyone yet.  It is now
easier for me to see myself as slender in nice clothing!  This, of course, evokes positive emotion.
My job is to be the gatekeeper of my thoughts.  When critical thoughts creep in about my body, I can say, “Cancel, Cancel.  I’m not buying into this abusive self-talk right now.  I instead choose to love and honor my body.”  This is negative emotion prevention.  I can stop the negative emotions before they have a chance to birth. If the negative emotion is born because I am not conscious enough of my thoughts, then I can feel and release them.  I can reclaim my power from victim thinking and be the victor that I truly am.  By deciding I am worth it NOW, it freed me to take positive action which further re-enforces more positive emotion. I hope you too will decide to use your emotions to get what you want, instead of allowing them to hinder your progress.

Make it a great weekend!

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