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As I said in the last article, our vibration plays a major role in determining our success on anything.  Our vibration is likened to our emotional state.  Our emotions are “energy in motion,” vibrating at a low-high frequency.  Higher states of consciousness, like happiness, love, gratitude, and compassion vibrate with greater intensity and attract more of the same, like a magnet. Anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame and such vibrate at a low frequency and also attract more of the same. I  don’t believe I’ve
ever entirely gotten rid of my food and body image guilt and shame.

Even in OA I learned that certain foods were “bad” for me, and if I ate them, I’d get fat or remain fat.  So how do we change our vibration around food?  We create a change in our belief systems and we can do this by focusing on thoughts that are downstream and easy rather than upstream and difficult.  We don’t have to change overnight.

Again, here is a quote from Hicks’ book: “Whenever you find yourself beating the same old drum about your body weight, if you would make an effort to turn your thoughts downstream and stay focused upon the subject until you feel a slight turn, in a very short period of time you will improve the vibrational relationship between where you are and what you want, and you will be amazed at the leverage this improved vibration will give to your process.  Everything about this will get easier and easier until, in time, your desired body weight will have been achieved.” That’s pretty powerful, isn’t it, and hopeful?

So we must change our emotion around food and release the guilt and shame, even if we are binging and our food is out of control.  We must make peace with where we are at and feel grateful NOW. You don’t have to worry about changing overnight or making a drastic change. Just pay attention to your thoughts and begin to tweak them a little each day.  “You can choose an upstream thought or a better-feeling, downstream thought.  Those are your only choices: upstream or downstream.  But those choices are enough,” according to Hicks.  I’ll end with one more quote from their book:  “It is all about vibrational alignment.  Do not look for immediate measurable physical results.  Instead, look for improvement in your mood, your attitude, and your emotions.  When you feel better, you are more in alignment—and everything else will follow.

It is LAW.” These ideas really resonant with me, and I’m going to begin to implement them.  I’m going to write down my negative beliefs around food and body image and write more empowering ones.  When negative thoughts come up, I will replace them with a downstream thought that feels good to me.  I will practice this daily until my vibration changes.

In the meantime, I let go of the expectation of releasing weight and the need to do it quickly or on some timetable.  Life is happening now, and I can choose to feel good now if I really want to.

Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko, EFT Coach

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