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Why is it so hard to say no?

Have you noticed that it’s hard to say NO to everyone’s requests of your time and energy–family gatherings, network events, family errands, kids’ homework, chores around the house, and on and on.

Have you wondered WHY it’s so difficult? Really think about this a moment. If you said no, would THEY be mad at you? If you said no, would nothing get done? If you said no, would you feel out of control?

HOW you love makes all the difference

I’m Angie Monko. I work with women who notice that they people please.I help them stop so they make different choices and their lives become healthier and more loving – for them and their families.  After years of addictive eating and pleasing from a place of fear, I choose the path of love and acceptance.

HOW you love makes all the difference.

Only you know what’s going on in your heart and mind. Are you being sincere about your feelings, or are you covering them up?

I’ll guide you to trust your own wisdom. I’ll love you in this process until you love yourself.

Trust Yourself and Everything Will Change

You will learn to authentically speak up for yourself and go after your desires AND do it with kindness and compassion.  When you trust yourself and become loyal to you no matter what anyone else says or does…. when you see yourself as valuable and deserving of your needs and wants, you become much happier, empowered and fulfilled.

1)   You smile more and ask others how you can help.

2)   You easily reach out to people, to see how they are.  It feels
natural and easy to be yourself. Conversations flow. You have
much less social anxiety.

3)  You make more money. When you trust yourself and
others, it’s easier to build relationship, to connect.  All
sustainable business  is built on relationship with people
we know, like and trust.

4)    You take care of your body by sleeping enough, being more
selective of what you eat and drink, moving your body.

5)    You feel lighter, bouncy with energy, to get out and BE with
your friends, kids, spouse, grand kids, those you love.

Bust Through Perfectionism, Fear of
Rejection, Addiction, & Betrayal

You will be given the safe space to move forward (when you’re ready) through perfectionism, fear of rejection/abandonment/loss, addictive behaviors, and betrayal.  These are all patterns that I’ve struggled with throughout my life and have learned to imperfectly move through.

I can help you do the same.

If you think about it, all of these patterns started because we wanted to feel loved.  We began people pleasing to get approval, recognition, and  love.  Totally understandable.

The problem is that pleasing others from a place of fear or NEEDING them to like us will never satisfy us.

THEY may make us temporarily feel better, but it won’t last. We MUST figure out how to be there for ourselves. That is the ONLY sustainable way of life that won’t wear us out.

LOVE is the Answer

How to do this? I believe that LOVE is the answer.

We must learn to love, accept and forgive ourselves no matter our past. When we feel lovable, we will gracefully love others.

There are answers waiting for you that will relieve feelings of overwhelm, fear and anxiety–that will allow you to tell a different story, where you DO deserve happiness.

We will use various energy techniques (depending on the month), such as meridian tapping, hypnosis and the healing codes, along with mindful discussion, to calm your nervous system, and help you see yourself through a new lens of Enough-ness.

You have the ability to change your perception, if you’re ready.  

It’s not what happens to you but what you make it mean that will SET YOU FREE.

Trust Yourself, Receive the Right Support & Be YOU

If you want to Feel Free, it will be necessary to trust yourself first and find the right people to support you as you unveil the REAL YOU.  You no longer have to go it alone.

Wherever you are, that’s okay. You deserve to receive….more love, more acceptance, more approval,  more trust, more forgiveness.

When you feel lovable, loved and loving, all of the other “things” that you THINK you want (the money, the status, image, approval from others, etc.) will show up.

They’ll appear because they are no longer required for you to have them in order to be happy.
Will you join us? You’ll know if you’re ready.


Angie Monko