Dear Friends,

Last night, while on my way to see Gregg Braden with my two daughters, Maddie (13) and Chelsea (15), I nearly had an car accident, and it really frightened me. I was heading east on Page to 170S, a way that I never go.  There were stop lights and I was hitting the green lights.  I was probably going a little too fast, but I was alert to my surroundings. And then all of a sudden, my lane ended and there was a concrete pit right in front of me.

At first I thought it was a huge pit hole, but I quickly realized it was more than that, and my lane had ended.  I hadn’t seen a sign that told me to merge right and that the lane was ending. I quickly veered to the right to avoid being catapulted into this concrete pit. That would have
been bad news because we were probably going 55 mph and it would have been like hitting a tree. I hit the lip of the crevass and veered into my right lane and then across another lane, weaving in between two cars.  I was embracing myself for the impact of hitting another vehicle at any moment.  It happened so quickly, within a matter of 30 seconds. But all was alright and I just kept driving forward with no hickup to our evening plans.  I truly felt like I was an actress in a movie in a car chase scene.  I had hit a bump in the
road and with amazing reflexes kept right on moving.  It was surreal. I was very shaken of course.

The girls had no idea of what had just happened.  Maddie said she shut her eyes and thought she was dead since she expected to crash or something and didn’t.  Chelsea thought she was going to die.  The worst that came of this physically was that Chelsea spilled soup that she’d been eating all over her pants and attended the Gregg Braden event with a wet bottom. I still don’t know how I could have not known my lane was ending.

I immediately started tapping to get my energy flowing again.   This helped, and I tapped some more this morning for the guilt I felt for nearly getting in a very serious accident with my kids.  I felt critical of myself for being unaware and of being so rushed to get some where.  At the same time, I felt very grateful that no damage was done, except to scare me and the kids.  I was given an opportunity to learn that I must slow my life down and pay attention.  I also felt that my guardian angels were right there.  In the morning, I had prayed that a protective bullet be one mile all around myself and all those I pray for.

Today I forgive myself and move on.


Angie Monko