Dear Friends,

I just wrote an article on how I want to release 15 pounds but haven’t attached to that outcome for a long time.  Before, I didn’t place too much significance on it because I thought it was vain.  Now I realize a bigger WHY to reaching this goal weight.  I want to be a role model for women, and it’s not that I have to have a slender body to do that. It is important because I know that in achieving this goal that I will be achieving peace and surrender and joy, and THAT truly is important to me. I can basically accomplish
all I need to at this current weight, but again it’s not about that. I do want to share with you my written goal and who I believe I will be after going through this process.

I also want to share with you my biggest obstacle to weight loss and how I’m re-programming my mind to deal with this obstacle.  My GOAL:  I am XXX pounds, blissfully light and joyful and free, peaceful, full of energy and vitality, passionate and vibrating love, compassion, and supreme confidence and congruence. What are some compelling reasons to persuade my subconscious to go on this ride of change, which never feels safe to the ego:

  • I am an amazing role model for other women and men.

  • I strongly believe in myself and am in love with myself.

  • I am congruent and confident that I can help others to attain peace, love and joy in themselves.

  • I lie at the swimming pool with my friend, Lisa, no longer self-conscious, but comfortable in my own skin.

  • I sit with my arms open, heart open, no longer ashamed of my belly.

  • I wear form-fitting pants with belts and tucked in blouses.

My biggest obstacle to releasing weight has been my belief that I need food for comfort, pleasure & coping. I’ve been uptight about producing results and so they allude me.  I’ve written the following statements to help me change these beliefs:

  • I’m doing what I can now and that IS enough.

  • I am allowing myself to receive joy and fall in love with me, and at the same time, fat is melting away.

  • Instead of walking the stairs, I’ve decided to burn the same or more calories by walking outside with joy.

  • As I sweat, I release lots of fat and emotional baggage, and boy do I sweat a LOT with bikram yoga in 105 temp.

  • My healthy thinking and surrendering to God make my life joyful, not food.

  • I need ME to soothe me, not food.

  • Because I allow joy now, I surprise  myself by my effortless detachment from food.

I want to conclude by letting you know that I send much love to you on your journey.  You are perfect where you’re at.

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Much Love,

Angie Monko,

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