Dear Friend,

On this beautiful fall Friday, all is well with the world.  I choose to focus on the sunshine, my dog Kipper’s gold and white fur and how peaceful it is to caress it and gaze into his inviting brown eyes.  I get lost in his eyes–they are so safe, loving and gentle. I am happy to spend time with Kipper.  He brings me such joy. I also enjoy Halloween and everything about it, the craft fairs, the decorations that adorn my home, the special treats like popcorn balls, the fall leaves, pumpkins, caramel apples, hot apple cider, scary movies, our traditional Halloween party, going to a Haunted House, and seeing all of the trick or treaters.

Today it felt good to move at a slower pace, to just enjoy the beauty all around me. I know that I normally have a story with a point but I just want to share how I experience life today in gratitude. My husband, Steve, called me this morning and told me he’d been let go from his job.  He’s never been unemployed before, and this was a very unexpected downsizing.  He and I are both strangely calm about it.  I know for a fact a better opportunity is around the corner for him, and that this job situation “vibrated” out of his experience, because he’s growing and caring more about feeling happy.

This new company had purchased his old company in September, and, energetically speaking, it was not a good fit for Steve.  He was unhappy for various reasons. I really know that rejection is God’s form of protection. When we are ready to move forward in life, whether with a job, a relationship, where we live, etc., the Universe, in cooperation with our Higher Self, will close the door and open another.  That is exactly
what is happening here. I am so happy and grateful to feel confident and relaxed that we are safe and supported by a loving Universe.  Worrying right now would certainly do nothing to attract a positive outcome.   Instead, I choose to love and appreciate my life, the beauty that surrounds me, and to know that I am guided.

Steve decided to take care of himself and go fishing.  Good for him!  He deserved this replenishing time alone.  I wish you the same, to take time to relax, ponder about life, enjoy beauty and nature, and look for things to be grateful for. Happiness is my choice, for today!

Much love & blessings,

Angie Monko