How safe do you feel in the Universe?
Do you feel that you can trust the process of life?  Or is the other shoe always about to drop?

Looking back at my life, because I was taught that money doesn’t grow on trees, and it always
seemed that my desires were greater than what I could have, I felt deprived.

I felt deprived with getting the love I wanted from my dad. So I tried to fill that void with getting safety
from food and trying to control the world around me.

I found great comfort in food; it helped to relax me. I tried to control my physical surroundings and keep
them neat and organized.

People were tougher to control. I couldn’t control my dad’s temper and how he took it out on my mom. I
couldn’t control how my grandpa talked disrespectfully to my grandma. I couldn’t control that people I loved die.

I certainly couldn’t control my own thoughts and feelings.  They were the worst! So was life safe?
Could I trust it? Absolutely not!

So am I saying that I WOULD have felt safe if my dad had showered me in love, like my mom and grandma? I can’t really say that… probably something else would have occurred that would have complicated my story and made me feel insecure.

Isn’t that how life is?  As soon as we try to rely on someone or something (food, events, others’ actions,
our environment) outside of us to make us feel safe and trusting, we are fighting a losing battle.

What if there was a better way? What if we could finally relax and surrender into the process of life, trusting that Life always supports us no matter appearances.

A tough practice, right? Yes it is, and none of us will ever master the practice, because we are human and imperfect.

So what it comes down to is how we decide to look at life. To what extent can we choose and want what we have right now? Our ability to make peace with life on life’s terms greatly determines our happiness.

On a flight home from Paris over 4 years ago, I felt inspired to create a recipe for True Prosperity, where
we feel OK, secure and supported despite outer circumstances.

When we can begin to feel secure and grateful regardless of how much money we have, how much we think people love us (or don’t), how attractive we are or how much we weigh, and we begin to embrace the beauty around us NOW, we are free to experience True Prosperity.

Are you ready to explore this type of True Prosperity?
What do you have to gain?  That depends on where you’re at in life, but the feelings of freedom, joy, peace and love are the possible rewards.

Our society doesn’t focus all that much on these types of rewards, but rather there is a tendency to focus on STUFF, material gains and luxuries, image, status. And that is OK too. What I teach is not for everyone.

Remember how I said that I felt deprived because I never felt loved enough by my dad? Well, many people feel unloved, and this feeling can leave us feeling vulnerable, hurt and rejected.

When we feel easily rejected, prosperity can elude us.  We won’t take risks to put ourselves out there. We will feel like we don’t deserve prosperity. We’ll feel insecure and not speak up for what we want and need.

Would you like to explore how to overcome the fear of rejection and finally feel worthy and deserving of True Prosperity, feeling free and satisfied with your life?   If so, click here.

To True Prosperity,

Angie Monko