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Mother’s Day is this Sunday. You probably haven’t been
able to see your mom due to the quarantine, if you’ve decided
that’s what’s best based on your world views.

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Isolation definitely has an impact on our mental health. We
are social creatures and need each other. My bias is that this
pandemic is harming people in more profound ways due to
the mental/emotional effects, much more than the physical.

I just heard the story of a contractor out West who contracted
covoid-19 and fully recovered without incident. But word spread
that he’d had the virus and no one would hire him. Sadly,
he decided to end his life.

Pandemic Is Harming More Than Just Our Bodies

This is just one example of how social isolation can affect us.
Yes, it’s drastic, but how do we measure the suffering that
affects our bodies due to the stress sustained from not being
able to hug our grandchildren for 2 months?

This is a complicated situation with far-reaching consequences.

People are dying in the hospital, and they aren’t able to see
their family. The traumas resulting from this situation will be
felt for a long time.

Trauma Shakes Things Up

AND trauma has a way of shaking things up, turning chaos
into new perceptions, a new way of living and thinking, that
I see as a positive.

So yes, this can be a very lonely time (and very uncomfortable time) for many people whose paradigms are being rattled. Maybe it’s time to shift…to a new reality?

Some Introverts Are Thriving

For others, this time is very beautiful. I’ve seen introverts who
are typically in much pain due to social anxiety thrive. Their
creative juices are flowing. This pandemic has given them the
space in their mind to just BE with themselves as the world
slows down , to lessen the self-imposed pressure of not fitting
into the driven world of accomplishment and success.

Drama Seekers Are Being Outdone by Reality

And I’ve seen yet others who are typically drama-seeking
extraordinaires come into their own, achieving goals that
have eluded them forever, because the outside world, for
a first time, is more dramatic and chaotic than their own inner

So wherever you fall in this camp of thinking, from being
at peace and creative to feeling more responsibility and subsequent
anxiety, to feeling lonely and disconnected, fearing the unknown and
how long this will drag out, frustrated due to being in limbo land,
remember this is new terrain for all of us.

You ARE NOT alone. Pause. Breathe…Consider. Get curious.
What shift are you meant to make right now in time?

Feel whatever you’re feeling, no matter the emotion. It’s ALL OK.

What if it were possible to end the FEELING of social isolation,
regardless of whether people are physically with you or not,
simply by connecting to YOU.

Check in with your inner child, that little girl or boy who
desperately wants your attention, love and acceptance. That
is the beginning of the end of social isolation. And it can happen

Morgan and I want to support you in coming back to YOU.
You are so worth it. Join The Shifters: Women’s Holistic
Empowerment, private Facebook group.

Because who couldn’t use some extra support right now?

Peace out,

Angie Monko