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Is your body trying to tell you something?

If you are like most people who have a highly sensitive nervous system (actually like most people on the planet), we stockpile our emotions.

We don’t look at what is really going on for us. We do this unconsciously because we don’t want to feel pain.

This last week my family and I went to Avon, Colorado to get away, connect and heal from the loss of daughter, Maddie, who passed away unexpectedly from a cystic fibrosis exacerbation of double

What used to be my and Maddie’s favorite month, October, turned into a true nightmare for us.

While we were in Colorado, my daughter, Chelsea, and I we playing ping pong.  The ping pong table was located in a poorly positioned spot right underneath a stairwell. Chelsea hit the ball to me and it went sailing off to the floor.

So I quickly turned and bent over to retrieve it, stood up, and hit my head REALLY hard on the steal beam of the stairwell. I immediately dropped to my knees into a fetal position, because it hurt so bad.  Steve, Chelsea, and her boyfriend, Brandon, rushed over to where I was crouched on the floor.

My head was bleeding, and that scared me. The good news was that I wasn’t dizzy and I could answer their questions to make sure I was aware and making sense of reality.

Brandon ran upstairs to our room to get me essential oils and colloidal silver which I promptly applied to the cut on my head.

Then I started to sob, “I miss her so much!  It’s not fair that she left us so young….” I guess I’d been holding back my feelings in order to protect my family and be strong for them.

The whack on my head wasn’t going to let me continue to ignore my feelings though. Even though I’d done a lot of crying, I had stopped my daily routine of tapping on my feelings.

When the pain continued to throb in my head, I reluctantly asked for 2 Excedrin.  Then Chelsea actually took 5 minutes to walk me through a round of tapping on how I felt.

Then we sat in the hot tub to help me relax. When we got back to the room, I rinsed the blood from my hair.

The next day when I woke up, all I had was a small scab, a little soreness if I rubbed my head, and not even a bump.  I told them, “Man, I have a hard head!”

The moral of this story is that we need to acknowledge and feel our feelings to release the pent up emotions.

Otherwise, the body will try to “get our attention” and release for us, perhaps through an accident like I had.

We’ve become masters of avoiding what’s really going on for us.

Our hectic lifestyles betray us by preventing us from deeply connecting with ourselves and others.

To do this, we need to FEEL and be okay with a huge myriad of emotions.  Even grief can allow us to feel more alive than normal.

If you want to FEEL and are ready for deep connection with others, come to our 11/30 Transformation Game at 5pm.

Maddie passed away on 10/26 when we’d planned a Transformation Game.  She definitely transformed but not in the way we hoped for. So we’ve re-scheduled it to 11/30 and will be having it in honor of Maddie Jo Reynolds. Register here.


Angie Monko