It’s darkest before dawn.  Changing from the inside out can feel like a tall order, can’t it?
There are all sorts of threatening feelings when we think about truly changing our selves to allow more joy and happiness and fulfillment.

One part of us certainly craves feeling light and carefree. But another part, which usually weighs in more heavily when it comes to our actions (or lack of), has other plans.

This is a recipe for frustration.  We often find ourselves feeling resentful but too ashamed to admit it, to ourselves, let alone others.  Even if you deem yourself to be more spiritually-minded, you find yourself on the resentment roller coaster at times.

Why?  Because we are afraid to speak up and ask for what we really want, to our spouse, to our children, to our boss, co-workers, you name it.  Then we resent THEM for it.

Why? Because if we let others in on our deepest desires, they may make fun of or criticize us, thus rejecting us. Who wants to put themselves out there like that? Well, I do… The reason is that if I continue to play it safe and hide behind the perceived threats of others’ opinions, who is really losing?

I AM! We pay a HUGE price for staying quiet, from health concerns and premature disease, addictions, painful relationships to lost potential and money in our careers.

Perhaps the biggest price we pay is the loss of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth….SELF BETRAYAL. I know because I’ve betrayed myself on all levels of living, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

That’s changing, slowly but surely.  I am becoming a worthy advocate for myself. I want to show you the  process I follow to do that. Get your life back!

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