Hello, Friends,

Every day I give of my time, money and love to others.   Sometimes it can be difficult to receive though.  I’ve learned that the reason I have a hard time receiving is because there is a part of me that doesn’t feel worthy and deserving.  Being in the healing community, I’ve observed some belief systems that don’t seem to be very “healing” for the believer or for fellow healers. This belief is that we shouldn’t get paid
(or at least paid well) for the services we provide.  Does this make any sense?

People go about their daily business every day, selling their products and services, wireless phones and airtime, real estate, food, water, computers, make-up, vacuums, office supplies, massages, manicures/pedicures, etc.  If we are taking care of our physical body, it’s okay to charge adequately.  Doctors and pharmacists charge enough, after all, to pay for our sicknesses.  And it’s okay for lawyers to charge high fees to help us get out of legal messes, brought upon by sick thinking, if you really think about it. And so why when it comes to paying for services that will actually prevent physical illness and doctor’s visits and lawyer’s visits, do people shirk at paying the healing practitioner to coach them, do energy medicine of all varieties, and keep their body’s energy system balanced?

Why do healers grimace at the thought of receiving abundantly for their services? Think about what we really do. As healers, we get to the core blocks and belief systems that actually create the dis-eased body, the dis-eased mind.  We teach our clients to be empowered and independent and able to cope with whatever life throws their way.  We teach our clients how to think by helping them to connect to
their Higher Self, to the massive storehouse of Energy that I call God.  It’s easier to go about life when we don’t take it so seriously and when we replenish our souls through daily self-care, such as exercise, eating healthy, thinking healthy, meditating, journaling, tapping with emotional freedom technique, and countless other health-promoting techniques.

Can we really put a price on this type of service?  It’s truly invaluable. If we are broke as healers, what does that say about our mental mindset?  To me, it says we believe in lack.  If we believe in lack, we will teach our clients lack.  How is that serving others? We have to be able to charge adequately for our services in order to keep our business alive.  I have chosen to keep my business alive so that I can share my gifts
and talents with the world.  I have a duty to use my God-given talents.  If I don’t, I’m wasting this life I’ve been given, and I’m cheating others of my services that will help them. This is truly selfish. My goal is not to be well off so that I can be greedy and selfish with my money.

My goal is to be abundant in all areas of my life so that I can share this mindset with others. And I am abundant so that I can live the life that is truly important to me, traveling the world with my family and friends, exuding joy, helping others, making choices because I want to and not being limited by the amount in my bank account. To me, this is true freedom. But freedom has a high cost.  The cost is to look within myself and really want the Truth. I may come off as “bitchy” or hardcore to some, because I ask them to step up to their best selves.  I’m paid to help people get what they say they want, not buy their excuses as to why they can’t have what they want.  I’m paid to push them out of their comfort zone.

I realize change is not easy, and people will only change when the pain of their current situation exceeds the pain of the proposed change.  And change is definitely worth the effort, because the reward is a fun, fulfilling, joy-filled, abundant, loving and peaceful life! The only way out is through. So, is it difficult for you to receive adequate payment for your services?  If so, ask yourself what you can do to improve your feelings of self-worth and deserving and begin to receive?  The law of circulation says that we must not only be able to give, but to receive as well.  This keeps the flow going.  It truly is okay to receive, and to receive abundantly.  The only person you have to convince of this is yourself.

Change your mind and change your flow.  You are definitely worth it!

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Love & Blessings,

Angie Monko,
Certified Hypnotist & EFT Coach