Right now on a huge scale the message is being
sent to close off your heart, protect yourself, fear.

It started globally and has seeped itself into the fabric
of our lives, into the local community, the family unit, the friend circle,
and finally into our own heart and mind.

It has happened to me. We wake up one day and realize we
are scared out of our mind. Our biggest nightmare is coming
true, whatever that is for us.

Maybe it’s running out of money and feeling insecure, being
rejected by our best friend of 20+ years for no real “apparent”
reason, being put in a position where we must choose something
that makes us very uncomfortable, etc.

I bet this is happening to you right now because this is 2020, the
year we will get clarity, whether we want it or not
. We can no
longer hide behind excuses or justifications or rationalizations
of our conscious mind.

And if we continue to try, the knocking on our head will get that
much more intense to gain our attention. Wake up, it says.

No one is right. No one is wrong.

The big challenge is to keep our heart open when we want to
go into fear
, when someone is mean to us, ignores us, shuns us,
betrays us, disappoints us, hurts us. You get the picture.

When our heart closes it feels like anger, being out of control,
judging, blaming, resenting, being dis-empowered. It feels pretty
awful. The way out?

LOVE. Keeping our heart open when we desperately want to
shut ‘er down

That’s my challenge to you and to me. When we want to fall
to our knees in justified hurt and anger, at that pivotal moment,
can we say, “Heart, stay open.”
Full Stop. We don’t know how
we are going to move forward or make it, but we just know we must.

Then take 5 deep breaths. 5 in and 5 out.

What does it feel like when the heart is open? Curious, open, hopeful,
loving, stable, grounded, in control, empowered.

We will figure it out. Sending you LOVE and knowing that we
are lovable, capable, and good enough! It IS possible to keep the
heart open even when others are trying to get us to reject them
through difficult behavior.

In Service,

Angie Monko

PS: I’m going to be creating a monthly Zoom call solely focused
on helping you choose Love Over Fear by using the tapping
technique. Stay tuned for details.