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I like to tack the following tapping onto the end of my daily tapping.  My approach to tapping (learn more at is to assess my prior day for anything that I felt bad or guilty about. I then just tap around the meridian points, simply talking to myself. Basically, I’ve learned to become aware of my feelings, acknowledge them and tap on them, simultaneously.  I may even pray while doing this.  It doesn’t matter HOW we tap, but just that we do it.  Gene Monterastelli is an EFT practitioner in Baltimore, MD, and here is her article. “I think the way we end a tapping session is just as important as the way we begin it.

For me the end of the session is more than a signing off process — it’s actually the next step in healing. When we tap it is not just a healing moment but part of a healing process that is going to continue throughout the day and throughout our life. I like to spend time at the end of a session (especially an emotional one) setting up my entire body/mind system to continue this work throughout the day. The end of a session therefore often looks and sounds like this:

Karate Chop Spot:   I give thanks for the fact that I have this amazing power to heal.
Inner Eyebrow:  I give thanks for the time I have available to do this work.

Outer Eye:  I give thanks for my desire to continue with this work.

Under Eye:  The work I have done today is not just a healing moment

Under Nose:  but part of a healing process.
Under Mouth:  This healing process is going to continue throughout my day.

Collar Bone:  There will be times when I notice the healing continuing

Underarm:  and I will smile at the amazing power of my system.

Top of Head:  There will be other times when the healing continues in the background.

Inner Eyebrow:  I know full well that I don’t need to be conscious of the healing for it to continue.
Outer Eye:  This healing will cascade through my body, from cell to cell.

Under Eye:  I know this healing is one more step along the way.

Under Nose:  It is not just a healing of the moment

Under Mouth:  but also a building block, preparing me for the next piece of healing my system is ready for.

Collar Bone:  I know that as I continue this healing process, bit by bit,

Under Arm:  my whole system is going to heal in a natural way that will ensure that this is not a quick fix

Top of Head:  but a lasting change.

Inner Eyebrow:  Tonight as I sleep, the changes I have made in this session will work their way into every part of my system.

Under Eye:  So that when I awake tomorrow, I will be relaxed and refreshed.and looking at the world through new eyes, based on this healing.

Under Mouth:  I am so grateful.

Collar Bone:  I am so grateful.”

Try this!  It really feels great and is so quick.

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