I’m going to discuss a controversial subject, God, and so just giving you a heads up. This is just my opinion.

The closest thing to a state of joy that I’ve found is loving and accepting myself where I’m at.  And the fastest route to doing that is feeling a connection to myself, others and a Power Greater than Myself, what I call God.  What you call this Power is truly not important.

If you aren’t comfortable with the notion of a Source or Higher Power, it may be because your definition of this Infinite Intelligence is not serving you.

I projected my anger, sadness and fear onto God, emotions that were defined by my relationship with my parents.  Can you relate?

We all do this subconsciously.  We think that God is like our parents, and since our parents had/have their share of flaws and defects, we don’t wish to rely on a Higher Power like that.

I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t either.  Who wants to rely on and trust a vengeful, angry God?

If you fall into the cynical category and are struggling with your relationship with a Higher Power, then you might consider a Higher Power relationship makeover.  Redefine God.

Even if you are an atheist, can you think of anything that has greater power than you? Does anything exist in the Universe that is more powerful than you?

What about nature or energy that is never created or destroyed?  It could be a group that you belong to and highly respect.  It doesn’t have to be the conventional Higher Power.

Now if you are very resistant to this blog, just let the information seep into you.  Do your best to be open…

I encourage you to take an honest appraisal of how happy you are. If you aren’t happy and your life feels like hard work and you aren’t getting the results you want, why continue to do things the same way?

There is a better way.

I give my clients all sorts of techniques and tips, which work quite well, and they make progress if they do the work. The client who surrenders control to a Higher Power makes even quicker progress.

Maybe it’s because they give up worry and concern, relax, and trust that a solution will be provided.  They just continue to turn the page of their life, eagerly anticipating what will be next. They give up the need to control so much.

Trying to control external circumstances can be very draining. Instead, learning how to manage your emotions to the best of your ability gives the biggest return on your investment.

Taking the approach “I can trust Divine guidance and its love for me” and relaxing into the notion that you’re always safe and protected no matter what things may look like is a good start.

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Much Love,