Hello Friends,

Do you feel stuck in something?  Maybe it’s your job, your marriage, money problems, relationships, etc.  While sitting in a metaphysical class last night, I learned about a little twist on an already-known concept–love my way out of my perceived traps or prisons, which can feel like hell.  My reverand first told me this about my job.  In addition to owning my own business, Harmony Harbor, I work full-time.  At one time, I was pretty resentful that I “had” to put so much time into my job and just wanted to be free of it,
so that I could focus all of my energy into building my business.

So she told me to love my way out of it, very good advice.  When I have become the person I need to be to handle the nuances of an entrepreneurial lifesytle, without the safety net of a job, I will know it’s time to leave.  This requires an ability to handle others’ rejections with ease, to stay in a feeling-good state despite external circumstances so that I can continue to create freely, to put first things first and
remain focused, to trust that money comes from where it needs to come from (Universal Source or God) and not get too worried about it, and ultimately, to love, trust, honor, accept and forgive myself on a momentary basis.

So what qualities must I have to be this person?  I must embody Trust, Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Focus, Giving, Receiving, Compassion, Harmony & Humility. There are others, but these are the main ones that come to mind.  So how do I become these qualities and free myself from the chains of addictive, negative thoughts?

I can use my passion, writing, to love my way out of it.  This one woman’s passion was dancing, and so when she needed to let go of some old way of thinking, she danced a grieving song.  Next, she danced a celebratory song and invited the new way of thinking into her life. I can write, just like I’m doing now, and grieve my old way of being; it is a grief process, regardless of whether what I’m giving up on the surface appears good or bad.

Any change that we initiate in our lives requires a grieving period.  Just know that, expect that and have a means of dealing with it.  Next I can write empowering words to myself, ushering in a new way of being.  I can lift myself up with my words, instead of tearing myself down.  Making myself vulnerable to you and “airing out my emotions” is truly healing and transformational.  Plus, I hope it helps you to better understand yourself so that you can muster the courage to take the next baby step toward the life
of your dreams.

Use your passion to un-glue yourself from your current state of consciousness entrapment, whatever you are resisting.  By sending love to any endeavor, you loosen the grip of resistance.

You free yourself.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,