There has been a lot that’s been happening lately. I have been very busy catching up with homework from when I was sick. I’m now almost caught up.  Last weekend, I went to my Mom’s two-day workshop, The Whole Soul Intensive. I wasn’t really sure what I would learn. I thought it would all be repetition and stuff that I’d already learned.

Little did I know I was going to discover a very valuable piece of information about myself. In the class my Mom told us to think of an event that really drained us of energy that we wished didn’t happen. I thought of an event that occurred with my Dad. He hurt me physically and I thought I had gotten over this, but obviously I hadn’t because it made me realize how if anybody tries to control me, and even in the slightest way, I get very upset and want to rebel.

I became aware of a belief that wasn’t helping me: I believe that to learn one must suffer. My mom told me that instead of suffering you can learn by just witnessing your surroundings and what goes on around you. I now need to work on changing this belief because it could possibly cause me some problems in my future. 80% of the battle is awareness, right?

Other than that, this is the first time in my life where I’ve actually had no drama, I’ve stopped rejecting myself and feeling guilty, and I feel very happy. I just visited the doctor today (Thursday) and they were all very proud of me and my results. One doctor even gave me a hug. Today was the last day I will be getting to see them for a while because my next appointment will be at my Dad’s in Pennsylvania. So they all wished me a happy journey.  I am very excited for this change in my life.  Who knows what amazing things could happen in the near future.

Wish me luck on my journey everyone!

Maddie Reynolds