Maddie, my 16-year-old daughter, wanted to share a breakthrough with you. “I moved to Pennsylvania where my dad lives, and I met a guy that I ended up really liking. When I first met him, I knew what kind of guy he was. He was the insecure type, someone who was in need of love, hurt, and searching.
We had a lot in common. We are all projections of each other . We see people as we are. I saw him in myself.

Anyway, ever since I moved here I was afraid to start growing up and start actually becoming who I really am because I knew my dad would not want me to go if we got along. Also if I was bitchy and depressed I would feel like I deserved to be yelled at and put down. Then something happened that pushed me to make a decision, to protect myself. “Jim”, the guy I liked, and I got into a fight one morning and I knew we were falling apart; I was scared because I was very attached.

So I began to tap using meridian tapping or emotional freedom technique for about an hour. I cleared a lot up.  Then I called my mom and asked for some help. She gave me a plan and affirmations to say to detach myself and pick situations that reflect the love I have within myself. As I started the process my dad and step mom began giving me compliments all day long about how I’ve changed and how amazing I was. I was so happy because it was all working out. Then that night I got a text from someone using Jim’s phone, saying he had moved two hours away.

I knew that meant I would never see him again. Instead of breaking down inside, I was grateful that I was growing up and he no longer was a projection of me. It’s funny how fast people can walk in and out of our life when we are ready. I haven’t heard from him since.  I still care but I let him go. I told him goodbye
over Facebook and he never responded! It did hurt a bit, but I will not let that make me scared of relationships. I know that as long as I feel good and love myself I will attract those in my life that will not hurt me.

This is only a small representation of the lesson I have to learn, which is yet to come. Until next time…

Maddie Reynolds