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Did you know that EFT works very well on physical pain, not just emotional issues?
If you suffer from headaches, joint pain, back pain or even a serious disease like diabetes or cystic fibrosis, EFT can very effectively help to relieve your symptoms. Why is this? Our minds and bodies are inextricably woven, perfectly connected and dependent on each other.  So it makes sense that our emotions and our thoughts which affect our emotions have an effect on our physical bodies.

If we have limiting beliefs about ourselves and are consistently angry and resentful or sad, it will affect our health. It may take a while for physical manifestations to show up in our body, but they will show up.  I highly recommend Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life.  She also released a movie with the same title.  In her book, she clearly draws the parallel between our emotional state of mind and our physical
ailments.  Louise healed herself of cancer.  I have read about countless cases of such miraculous healing.  The highlight of Louise’s book is a thorough list of physical problems and their corresponding probable emotional cause.

Next to each illness is a new thought pattern that you can recite to aid in the healing process.  Here is an example:  “Allergies:  Who are you allergic to? Denying your own power.   The world is safe and friendly. I am safe.  I am at peace with life.” If you use EFT in combination with the affirmations, it is even more powerful. I often refer to Louise’s list for myself, loved ones and clients to help me develop tapping phrases and understand what could be the core emotional issue causing the manifestation of disease or physical symptom. Anger and resentment are two big culprits of disease.

It’s almost as if our bodies are “warning” us to release these emotions and deal with the underlying conflict.  Looking inside of ourselves may be difficult, but the most direct route to success is never the easier way “around” a problem but straight through the heart of it.  Have a blessed day!

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