Have you ever met someone (or perhaps you) who really wants to KNOW how things are going to go down?  They want to be assured of definite plans and so it’s difficult to make decisions and take risks.

This is called having a big safety and/or certainty need. People with a big safety need will you look for the stars to align or to be given some clue from the Universe that they’re making THE right decision before they move or act on something.

Each person has this need, but it’s bigger in some than others.

Personally, I grew up in a very unpredictable household, because I never knew what mood my dad would be in and how he’d treat us, especially my mom.

As I’ve been peeling the layers of the onion and looking at my wiring, these vulnerable and anxious feelings are more at the surface than ever.  They are there to remind me that I’m living in my anxious past even though it’s been almost 40 years ago.

Our feelings will do that.  Even though the circumstances are quite different and we’re now adults, our feelings will take us right back to our roots.  So let’s pay attention…

Often times we will make enemies of the people in our lives, because they “stir up” feelings within us, like mud at the bottom of a pond.  We really don’t want to blame them for these feelings, because it’s nobody’s fault, not even ours.

So what can we do about this? What if we took a different stance towards our emotions? What if we could just accept them, stop resisting them?

Our body and our emotions are always giving us signals to do something different.  If we really want to LIVE, fully embrace our joy, peace, love and prosperity, the things that we really WANT to put our focus on, then we need to begin paying attention to our bodies and emotions.

When we do this, when we start to FEEL our feelings and stop avoiding them, when we start to FEEL our bodies and stop ignoring its messages, we are READY.

Ready to fully seize life! As always, I am not claiming to be your guru.  I’m an ordinary person with an ordinary life, with a desire to overcome my fears and insecurities and play life full out.

If this feels like a journey you’d like to embark on, then please keep checking your emails.  Comment below what you’re doing to really LIVE life or maybe not…

If you’re living in perfectionism, where you’re afraid to take a risk on yourself and move forward, because you really have to KNOW how things are going to look before you’ll take action..

If you are leveraged by your emotions and your body, feeling stuck in circumstances, then are you READY
for something different?

Reply to this email…let’s have a chat…NO obligation to do anything, just a chat to see if you’re ready. If not,
it’s OK.

To Living Full Out,

Angie Monko