Do you understand the power of your emotions and how they impact your physical experience?

Negative emotions can be toxic to your body, and they have a cumulative effect over time.   Sustained negativity will takes its toll as “dis-ease” in your body.  The body is innocent and responds to our resistance to life and to our thoughts and subsequent feelings.  So it pays to pay attention to what we’re feeling.  If our experience of life isn’t what we want it to be, would we be willing to examine beliefs that no longer serve us?

Once we shine the spotlight of Truth on our beliefs and question them, “Is that really true?  Am I really unsafe?
Am I bad or broken just because I have a habit?” and on and on, we have access to unlimited freedom.
Louise Hay, metaphysical lecturer and teacher and best-selling author of numerous books, wrote
You Can Heal Your Life.  I highly recommend this book.  It has a List of physical ailments and next
to each is a probable emotional cause as well as a suggested new thought pattern.

I often refer to this List to understand what is going on with me emotionally and to reframe how I’m thinking; it serves as a paradigm or belief system shift that serves me better. A pattern shown is a pattern blown.

Another wonderful resource that is even much more comprehensive is Michael Lincoln’s (PhD) Messages from the Body. It’s over 700 pages of “windows into the subconscious.”  Michael is a straight-shooter and doesn’t hold back about what may be going on in our body.  Some of his explanations may seem extreme, and our case may not be nearly as dramatic.  But his renditions are uncannily accurate.  Here is an example.  I have occasional swelling in my hands and face, and so I decided to look it up in the List. Swelling:  “Being stuck in thinking, clogged, painful ideas.

What am I afraid of losing? What or who won’t I let go of?”  We all feel stuck at times, whether in our jobs, business, in a relationship, in our bodies, etc. The suggested new thought pattern is “My thoughts flow freely and easily. I move through ideas with ease.  I willingly release with joy.  I willingly release the past. It is safe for me to let go.  I am free now.”

If feels so wonderful to say and really mean these things, and my swelling then goes away.

Try it!

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,