Dear Friends,

I began reading A Course in Miracles just about a month or so ago.  I am really loving it! I  purchased it about a year ago and started reading it, but at the time, it seemed too complicated.  I had been reading a chapter daily from the Bible.  This is how I begin to initiate change.  Sometimes it feels daunting to make the time to read a whole book, like the Bible or ACIM, which is VERY long.  So I just read a little bit each day.

This seems to work, and at least I’m making progress. So I put down the Bible and began reading ACIM instead, which is a book scribed by Helen Schucman, a channel for Jesus.  What I’m about to write now is probably pretty controversial but I want to write what is in my heart, and I can’t be afraid of what you think of me.  I grew up as a Christian in the Methodist Church.  It was a very small church in a small town.  I went to Sunday school regularly but then stopped attending as a teenager since my immediate family didn’t go.  When I was about 18 years old, I began going to a Lutheran church where my boyfriend’s (husband-to-be) parents went.

I took communion classes and was officially baptized at this church. It was steeped in tradition and the songs were a little boring, but I did find it comforting.  I got involved with administrative committees and felt accepted there. Then I married my first husband in 1992, after dating 7 years.   He was against organized religion and complained about my involvement in the church.  He accused me of being naïve with a child dependence on God.  My faith was fragile back then.  I actually wrote a letter to the church, revoking my membership and explaining that I’d no longer be going.  To this day, I’m surprised at
myself for doing this and how much I relinquished my power to my husband. About five years later, I began to study other religions, like Bhuddism, and I felt I was changing inside.

I wanted to expand my world.  I didn’t want anyone holding me back, trying to tell me what to believe or think or do.  In 2008, nearly 16 years later, I decided to go back to church.  This time I was referred to a place about 5 minutes from my home that I didn’t even know existed, the Soul Esteem Center (SEC), a non-denominational, metaphysical community of like-minded folks.  I fell in love with the SEC and its message of love and openness.  I didn’t feel any judgment that I would go to hell if I didn’t accept Jesus as the only way to Heaven.  I decided to read the Bible over a year ago to decide for myself what I thought.  My spiritual director, who I began working with months after I’d started reading it, advised that I skip to the New Testament.  Good advice.

Even then, parts of it just confused me, especially about the Second Coming and Judgment Day and all of that.  I too easily interpreted passages as breeding separatism and judgment.  I’ve never been able to come to peace with the idea that Jesus was the only way to Heaven; it seemed exclusionary and unfair.
What about all of the people who grew up, being taught different religions and beliefs?  They are going to be damned forever to hell?  This just didn’t make sense to me.  So that is when I received inner guidance to read ACIM instead.

This has made all of the difference.  I was now ready to read ACIM.  In fact, I can hardly put it down after reading a couple of pages each morning (remember these are words directly spoken to Helen from Jesus).  I realize that Christ is not just referring to Jesus.  Christ is, according to the ACIM, “The extension of God; God’s one Son and one creation; the single Self that is shared by all minds, all of whom are equal members of the Sonship.  Does not refer to Jesus, who is simply one of these members, one who has fully awakened to our shared Identity as Christ.” The Son of God is defined as such: The true Identity of each
person and every living thing. The one Son of God is composed of an infinite number of parts or Sons.  Each one of these Sons is both part of the whole and all of the whole….

This term does not refer exclusively to Jesus, who is merely one of the Sons, one who has awakened. These ideas really helped me to see that we are all one, and that we have been creating this idea of separatism.  This book, ACIM, has so much wisdom.  I’m not knocking the Bible or its inherent wisdom.
I’m simply saying that ACIM is helping me to understand the metaphor/symbols of the Bible.  I’m resolving an inner conflict I’ve had for a long time. You might want to check it out!  There is so much more…..

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