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One of my goals for the session was to learn which part of me wanted to retain an extra fifteen pounds.  No matter what I seemed to do physically, very healthy eating and exercising, this extra weight remains.  She was my last part to show up.  She seemed afraid and said I was really mad at her, and she was right. I started to put on weight when I was about eight years old.  So this is the part of me that decided to talk.  She explained that she wanted to be overweight so that she could be big and strong and protect Mom
from Dad, who physically abused Mom. The extra weight did, in fact, come in handy just about three years later, when she and her brother kept Dad from harming Mom because of their ability and strength to hold him back.

I felt such compassion for my eight-year-old, and I thanked her for keeping us safe and for teaching me to be strong and tenacious and courageous.  I then asked her to help me release the weight because it was no longer needed to make me strong.  I was already strong and could protect myself.  Mom was no longer in danger.  That was then, and this is now. I have followed up with this session by tapping and keeping dialog open with her. Our subconscious mind records everything, and it’s been replaying the movie/record that I need to be overweight to be strong.  Changing the record or re-programming the past
and our beliefs is a process, not usually a one-time deal.

So I will continue to speak to my eight-year-old and re-assure her she’s safe.  Tapping greatly expedites this process, and it puts us into a light, hypnotic state in which we are able to talk to our subconscious mind.  What I’ve concluded after meeting these parts of myself is that there is no good or bad part of me.  All of me is worthy, and I just need to make friends with all of me.  So I’ve made some new agreements that will require me to partner with my parts, collaborate with them.   This is much easier than fighting my
subconscious mind, because I’ll always lose. To learn more about meeting your parts, join my free, 1/2 hour conference calls on this topic.  The next call is July 6th at 8pm CT.

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