Dear Friends,

If you’re like me and get into complaining and griping at times, how does that work for us? Does it not create more suffering?  Can I look at the “in-opportunities” and inconveniences and painful traumas and events in my life as opportunities to practice love, love for myself and/or for another human being?  I’ve heard many compulsive over-eaters and people with cancer say that they see their disease/diagnosis as just that.  It allows them to springboard into a new level of awareness and growth.  Is it possible to turn our weaknesses into strengths?

If we didn’t experience any pain, we’d never be nudged into expanding our outlook on things.  Problems allow us to find solutions.   So while it’s a difficult thing to truly live life sometimes, would we really have it any other way?   If we could snap our fingers and no longer have any negative emotions to contend with, no more heartaches, everything would be nirvana, peaceful, heavenly, would we do it? If this were possible, how would we really know the opposing emotions of love, peace, joy and abundance?  We’d have no foundation with which to compare our experience if everything were perfect.

Just now, my girls called me and told me that BOTH of them had forgotten their keys and were locked out of the house.  I was annoyed at first because I was in the middle of writing which I normally set aside time to do on Fridays, and I don’t like anyone crossing this boundary.  I decided to come home and let them in the house, rather than make them wait until my husband comes home.  I wanted to shame them for forgetting their keys, but I didn’t say anything.

I observed that it was just another opportunity to practice my principles of love and acceptance and being human.  Believe me, I’m not really great at it…yet.  I will keep trying and know that I will keep expanding toward more love because that is what I really WANT.  So in this moment, I prefer love over petty annoyances.  That may change in the next instant because of my human dualistic nature.  Isn’t life grand?  All of it!

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,

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