Dear Friends,

I’ve come to the end of a 10-week hypnotherapy class, and our instructor, Dawn, asked us to create a sacred ritual to commemorate our trans-formative journey.  So tomorrow at my Mom’s house in Worden, IL, I will perform my sacred ritual.  I choose to celebrate ME at my Mom’s home because it feels safe and special here.  The energy is loving and nurturing, which symbolizes how I choose to treat myself going forward.  My intention for this ceremony is to love and accept every single part of my existence.

Here is what I will say, “Today I  recognize and give gratitude to all parts of me, including my shadow, that part of me that I’ve rejected for so long.  I lovingly invite my baby within, my toddler within, my little girl within, my teenager within, and my adult within, my Goddess within, my Wise Woman within. I gently ask for the following parts of me to be fully present in this moment:  my playful and serious selves, my nurturing and selfish selves, my critical/judgmental and accepting selves, my naughty self, my sweet self,  my wise self, my impatient and patient selves, my resentful and jealous selves, my hopeful and hopeless selves, my hateful self, my loving self, my embarrassed self, my proud and confident selves, my detailed self, my organized self, my scattered and chaotic selves, my insecure self, my doubtful self, my trusting and faithful selves, my angry self, my joyful self, my anxious/worried self, my peaceful self, and any other part of me that I may not have considered.

I accept and love and honor and forgive and trust and embrace each and every part of me. For whatever part of me that has caused myself and others suffering, I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you!  Today I recognize and acknowledge that I am whole, perfect and complete.  I am a blessed, lovely child of God.  I have decided to no longer fight my shadow but to embrace it.  I’ve asked God to help me to use my suffering attributes like anger & resentment as a means and opportunity to transform myself into a state of
being that will allow others to benefit from the love, peace and joy that radiate from me.  This is no small matter!   I am the lighthouse, beckoning others to me.  I am surrendering to my Highest Good, to God and to Love and Light.  I release the need to be right and in control.

When I error, I know I am not an error.  I choose to see the best in my fellow human being, see beyond their façade.   I do this by honoring who I truly am.  I love my body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul!  All of me is good.  There is no bad.  I could not perceive “good” if I’d never experienced any opposing emotions.  As I write this, my frightened part is saying, “But, Angie, you’re just caught up in the moment; you’ll relapse into the same old negative and critical behaviors in a few days.  You’ll criticize and blame and judge, and your shadow shall have its way.” And I say, “I am friends with my shadow.

Yes, I will feel negative emotions  and act out on them again.  At these times, I will remind myself that it’s okay.  Breathe.  Allow life to unfold.  No need to control because you are ALREADY safe and profoundly loved.” Thanks, God, for these wonderful insights and this transformative journey.  I pray that you give me the willingness and ability to remain humble and hear the quiet whisperings of the Holy Spirit and follow that Love and Light. I pray that you empower me to release attributes that stand in the way of my Holiness.
I pray that you evoke in me the highest belief in myself so that my thoughts, emotions and actions are congruent with that of the Holy Spirit’s desire for me.  Thanks, God!

And so it is!”

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,

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