When I ask friends and acquaintances how they are, a typical response is, “I’m crazy busy,” and some may add that it’s all good busy.  What is “a good busy” anyhow?

For me, “a good busy” usually means I’m going quickly from one task to the next, without a lot of time in between to relax and take life in, but I’m making good money, enjoying the work I do in the
world, and am somewhat fulfilled.

The pace is still too hectic, and I’m trying to rationalize my behavior when I tell others I’m in “a good busy” mode.

I’m not trying to beat anyone up on this behavior as it’s as common as breathing.  But do you want to run with the common crowd when it comes to your own quality of life?

A long time ago I realized why, when asked how I was doing, I felt the need to say I was super busy. It was even a little rewarding to say I was stressed out.  Why?

Ask yourself right now.  How do you gain by saying you don’t have time to do certain things (oh, like visiting friends or hanging out with loved ones) because you’re SOOOO scheduled?

Drum roll please…..!!!!!  It’s because we equate stress with success. When we get things done, we feel accomplished and important. We feel valued when others demand much of us. It must mean we are
smart achievers and doers.

So when someone asks how we are, instead of giving the hum- drum, typical, societal stress response about being so busy, even if it’s a good busy, how about we say, “I’m doing really well.  I’m relaxed and
at ease about my life.”

What if that isn’t true, you ask.  So what?  If we want to set a new intention in our lives and get different results, we need to start expressing new thoughts.

And even though this will make us uncomfortable to say, because we don’t want others to think we’re sloths, we are capable and lovable no matter how much of our long to-do list we achieve in a day, aren’t we?

Do you want something different?  Is now the time to take action and  let yourself relax into life?

Here’s to being your best by relaxing and staying calm,

Angie Monko

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