Do you have a block around your heart?  Does intimacy scare you?  Have you ever been around someone who seems to be able to peer into your mind and soul?  It’s a little unnerving, isn’t it…. Well I’ve been doing some body work sessions with Roger Weinerth, and he had that effect on me.  We just finished on Wednesday with my 12th session.  Roger helps people get in touch with their bodies, become aware of their bodies, and utilize movement to their best advantage. Roger would watch how I walk, how
I held my shoulders, moved my arms, how long my strides were.

Then he’d do some hands-on therapy to relax my muscles and my frame.  I honestly don’t understand all he did.  I did notice that I was not practicing my new walk and awareness.  In fact, I’d often forgot about what we’d done, on a physical level, until I showed up the next week.  We did talk about lots of things while he was doing the body work, my feelings, my desires, my concerns, and I would think about that stuff a lot during the time between visits. So this last time I explained how I’ve been “forgetting” to do the walking.  It is almost as if I didn’t want to be aware. Remember our subconscious will reveal what we really want, and my actions, as far as using my physical body to come into my full power and awareness, indicated
I wasn’t ready for this.

I do bikram yoga, and this helps me get into contact with my physical self, but I believe I’ve had almost a disrespect for my physical experience.  You see, I know we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our physical bodies are “just” manifestations of our Mind.  But what Roger has taught me is that we can use our physical body to help strengthen our mind and bring us more into our spiritual experience, and that never occurred to me. I’ve always thought the Mind is creating everything that we experience and that the body is innocent, and so therefore we should be able to control our bodies
with our Mind.  And this is the Truth.  However, what if we could use the signals our body is giving us to change our Mind?  What if we could notice, be aware of, how we stand, sit, feel, in order to make better decisions and “claim” the Power within us that has always been there?

What if we could walk with a flow and easiness, letting our arms and legs swing widely, twisting our waist and spine in a way that is freeing?  Is it possible this would help to free our mind?  Roger says so.  I think I will allow myself to experience this and get in a daily habit of walking in freedom. I had another aha moment with Roger.  By not coming into my full awareness, by not totally opening my heart to others, this served me to feel safe.  It feels vulnerable to open my heart wide open, to peer into my loved one’s eyes and see their true Self. Roger did this to me.

He just sat there (after I’d told him I was afraid of being vulnerable) and stared at me.  He was giving me 100% of himself.  I told him to stop, but he didn’t.  Then I broke down and cried. He’d finally broken my wall down, on our last session.  I told him that he truly “saw” me and how this was scary.  He scared me.  He guided me to feel from my heart and not my intellect (exactly what I ask my clients to do), and he asked why I felt so vulnerable.  I said because I was being attacked.  He said, by who?  Evil.

Where does it come from?  My thoughts. So it had been me all along that had caused me to feel vulnerable and attacked. It is not the Truth.  I am safe.  So are you. Let’s journey together.  Let me help you find this calmness, stillness, peace, love, within yourself.  Open your heart to receive love.  It’s been knocking at your door all along.

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Much Love to YOU,

Angie Monko