Dear Friends,

Our relationships with others can drive us to food very quickly.  What can upset you more or as fast as an argument with a friend or loved one?  Others can really trigger our feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and rejection when we allow it. The more secure we are and the more we feel centered and balanced within ourselves, the less likely we will be whipped around to and fro by the waves of constant human interaction and the resulting negative feelings.

I got divorced over 10 years ago.  I didn’t understand then the importance of being honest about my feelings.  I was honest in my every day dealings with people, but I had a hard time accepting some of my feelings toward my husband.  I didn’t feel comfortable knowing that I resented him a lot and didn’t feel like being intimate.  My feelings seemed unfair to him, and I was ashamed of them.  I would have been upfront and honest with him about how I felt if I had the wisdom I do today.  I understand now that when I can speak my truth and just be who I am, no matter what, I am actually preserving my relationships with others.

My sentiments may be difficult to express at the time, and it may cause some temporary conflict, but my long-term relationship is most likely going to be saved. Just remember that we have nothing to be ashamed about.  Feelings don’t make us bad people.  We all have them, and our friends and loved ones cannot tell us our feelings are wrong. They are what they are.  They let us know how we perceive the world, good or bad.

It is very healthy to use our feelings/emotions as a barometer.  They are trying to tell us to take action, and sometimes that “action” may just mean doing nothing, sitting still and being okay with our feelings.  A slogan that I hear a lot is “Feel your feelings.”  Be okay with them and accept them.  Don’t resist them.  Try to learn from them.  Expose them to the light of the day and just let them go. Try to get in the habit of
checking in with yourself to see what your feelings are trying to tell you.

If you suspect a negative, limiting belief is causing you to feel badly, you can always tap on the specific issue and clear out the energy.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,

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