Hello Friends,

Is there a part of yourself that you don’t accept?  Do you have constant inner turmoil and think you aren’t good enough? Maybe you have an inner child who is very terrified of saying “No” to others because she wants to please others and be likable and be accepted.  Even if it means betraying herself. Maybe you have a 13-year-old boy inside of you who got angry and rebelled in order to protect you somehow.  His anger allowed you to cope with the instability around you.  Maybe you can’t stand the part of you who gives away your power to others, who listens and believes the negative story that others tell you.

You may even listen to the most negative people and allow them to squash your dreams. I have learned that the best way to lessen or stop altogether the negative internal dialogue is to ACCEPT that part of ourselves we most resist.  So stop resisting….  We all have the capacity for good and evil within us.  It’s like a continuum.  Without one, we cannot have the other. You can use the tapping to help gain permission from that part of you that is resistant to healing.  You may resist because you’d rather have your current pain or situation (which is comfortable and familiar) than to leap into unknown territory.

You will achieve your visions (weight loss, strong relationships, etc.) much more rapidly if you will recognize your inner battle within and make peace with those parts of you that you find repulsive.  To be Continued.

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Have a blessed day!

Angie Monko