Dear Friends,

How exactly can you go about ending the inner battle inside of you?  I think a personal example may help you.  On April 3, 2005, my step daughter’s Mom died in a tragic house fire.  Luckily, Chelsea (now 15) was with me and my husband (Steve) that weekend.  We had been getting Chelsea regularly since she was a toddler and were very close to her. However, she spent the majority of her life with her Mom’s family and wanted to live with her maternal Grandma, instead of changing schools and moving about 1.5 hours away
from her family and friends.  So she was very resistant to living with us.

Our intuition told us to get Chelsea ASAP based on comments her Grandma had made. It was obvious she expected her to live with her.  So on April 15 when Steve picked up Chelsea for his regular weekend visit, he didn’t return her (legal advice). The grandparents sued us for custody.  The case was dismissed in May 2006, over a year later.  We agreed to let them visit Chelsea one weekend per month and get time in the summer, holidays, etc.  Things had actually settled down for Chelsea the year after her Mom’s death.  It was when she started visiting her Mom’s family again in June 2006 that real issues started to bubble up.  She had begun to accept and like her new life, her school, but then she became confused and started to say she wanted to live with her Grandma again.  We knew they talked badly about us and were constantly asking her if she still wanted to live with them.

The whole situation was hard on me because prior to this, Steve and I had a pretty nice situation.  We got our kids every other weekend and spent real quality time with them. To be Continued.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,