Hello Friends,

Last week I asked you how you could end your inner battle, and I began to give you an example of how my stepdaughter’s Mom died in 2005.  Chelsea resented living with us because she had been suddenly uprooted from her normal surroundings, and it was quite an adjustment for us too because we had been used to plenty of time for ourselves. Then, suddenly, Chelsea was living with us every day.   I was angry and felt like we bent over backwards to help her cope, but she just couldn’t accept the sudden changes in her
life (understandably so). Chelsea brought out my harsh critic within.  I resented her for turning my world upside down, and she also triggered abundance issues I had because of the thousands we were forced to spend on legal fees.  I realized that I blamed my life’s problems on her, at least subconsciously.  I felt critical of Chelsea quite often because her selfish, uncooperative ways triggered me.

I was angry at Chelsea half of the time, and I kept a lot of my feelings hidden because I was ashamed of them.  She had just lost her Mother, for crying out loud! When I decided to heal myself with the tapping, I realized Chelsea brought out my immature, selfish self.  I became aware that I had done the best I could, and Chelsea was just a child doing the best she could.  She was like a barometer for me. When I started to feel critical of her, I’d ask myself “OK, what is bothering you?”  Why are you feeling critical of yourself?  
I was critical of her when I was critical of myself.  
I tapped on these issues and made a choice to understand and accept this part of me.  I didn’t condemn this part of me.

I made peace with myself and forgave myself for being human. I hired my Higher Power as my boss and made a commitment to follow my intuition and inner wisdom.  My relationship with Chelsea is now solid and healthy.  We still butt heads at times, and it’s certainly not perfect.  I continue to forgive and accept myself daily so that I can minimize damage to myself and her.  I hope this example helps you to understand your inner battle a little more.  You can heal yourself too!

Have a blessed day!

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Hugs from your coach,

Angie Monko