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Daunting To-Do List?

Your to-do list may be a bit daunting, especially right now,
with the added responsibilities of gift buying, extra parties,
extra shopping, sending cards, etc.

And if you’re like many women, you want everything to
be JUST SO. You’re in that nesting mode where you want
everyone to be happy, content, at peace, often at
your own expense.

You sacrifice your OWN peace, thinking this will please
Have you ever considered they’d just prefer a
Happy Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter to spend time with?

This is not meant to instill guilt—it isn’t. It’s to get you
thinking about what you really want in life, what is priority.

Nip Overwhelm in the Bud

In today’s video, Morgan and I share a simple tip to
help you nip overwhelm in the bud and prioritize your

The Process: Before you go to sleep, get a small piece of
paper and write down 1-3 things you want to get done
the next day. This gets your subconscious mind working
on how to make it a reality.

These shouldn’t be huge projects that will take more than
an hour or two.

Then if you do them, give yourself a pat on the back
and declare “I did enough! I am enough!”

Note: This is tricky! Part of the problem is that you’ve
been declaring your worth based on how much you
get done. At first glance, this would seem to perpetuate
that belief.

This Tip is NOT Declaring Your Worth =
Your Accomplishment

But that’s not the energy or intention behind celebrating
your accomplishment if you did the things you wanted to do.

Rather, it sets a boundary around your to-do list and gives
the part of you that feels like you can never do enough
some structure and permission to disavow that notion.

IF you don’t get those items done the next day, would it
be OK to say to yourself, “I did my best, and my best is
good enough! I am worthy regardless of what I get done!”

If you really resonate with this message of feeling like
you aren’t able to get enough done to ever feel content
about yourself, then please reach out to me.

Become a Cheer Leader, not a Pusher, of Self

There are some root causes that originate in our energy
body (our first and second chakras to be exact) that cause
this belief to originate and continue.

We can clear out these beliefs so you can start being
kinder and gentler with yourself. Begin taking action
from a place of cheer leading yourself on rather than
pushing yourself hard.

Much Love,

Angie Monko