Our Teachers and Supporters

Some people influence our lives by being our teachers, giving us
tough lessons that often abruptly and painfully help us course correct
to a better version of ourselves.

We don’t like them at the time, and we might even consider them
our arch nemesis, but they are necessary to our story, and if we’re
seeking to know Self, we will thank them for their contribution.

Some of those impactful people are strong supporters who love us
unconditionally no matter what we do. Ahhh…the relief of these folks
is like balm to our weary hearts and minds after interacting with our

My husband, Steve, and my mom come to mind. Another person
who fits into this category is my Uncle Ray.

I Bid You Adieu, Uncle Ray

Ray made his transition on Monday, 10/19/20, after battling a second bout
of cancer for about 3 months (his first was about 5 years ago).

Ray was a man of faith and retired Methodist minister. But even
more importantly, he was kind. He was thoughtful. He had a zest for
life, for food, for connection, for loving others, for giving good hugs.

Four years ago, I wrote and presented a tribute to Ray when he
retired. I broke down and cried in front of many which I wasn’t
expecting. But I’m glad he witnessed my tears of gratitude for
having made such a big impact on me.

We’ll Always Have Paris

In 2013, I had the honor and privilege of taking the trip of a lifetime
to Paris, France with Steve, my two daughters, Chelsea and Maddie,
and my Uncle Ray.

The phrase, “We’ll always have Paris,” means so much to me
since both Maddie and Ray are now gone. This trip was planned
as a gift to our daughter, Chelsea, for high school graduation. I’m
so grateful that she wanted to practice her French and inspired
this trip.

In Honor of my Uncle Ray’s Retirement (6/12/16)
Thank you, God, for giving me such a loving uncle!

As a little girl, Ray took time to play with me in the sandbox
Uncle Ray was proud to walk around and show flowers to his little goldie locks!

Ray has a way of always making me feel special on my birthday
Receiving his special cards and candies in the mail is better than an ice cream sundae

I can always count on my Uncle Ray for a kind word or caring deed
If you know my Uncle Ray in the slightest, I’m sure you will concede!

Ray loves to collect knick knacks, flowers, and all lovely things
Best of all, Ray’s attentive nature makes us feel like queens and kings!

Ray loves to research family lineage and gather old family photos
He gets a great thrill from sharing his finds with family and friends, his loving amigos

We had the honor of spending 10 days with Uncle Ray in Paris, the City of Love,
We created memories of a life time that make us grateful to the Lord Above

A romantic cruise down the Seine River, visits to Notre Dame & the Louvre,
French macaroons and baguettes, the Eiffel Tower aglow at night, put us in a happy groove
the Arc de Triumphe, Versailles and more…
there was so much to admire and adore!

 As Uncle Ray retires and moves to Worden, his loyal followers are sure to shed many a tear,
but rest assured, Ray’s legacy will live on as he spreads his joy and has the most amazing year!

I love you, Ray!

Connection is everything. Our relationships with others is what is
most important. It is the legacy we will leave.
Ray was never married,
but he left an indelible mark on many a heart because he cared how
people felt. He had so many beautiful relationships with others.

We tend to get so caught up in making money, working at our jobs
or careers, cleaning the house, writing a blog, preparing dinner, tending
to our children to make sure they are on path for a successful life,
that we forget….

We forget to take the time to connect with people who are right in front
of our face.
Maddie passed away 10/26/18 (feels like yesterday). I still
get too busy and do the above all of the time, sacrificing those I love.

I’m not saying this to guilt or shame you, but very lovingly and gently
to remind you and me to slow down, to take time to connect. It’s only

Love you,