On this episode we learn about Angie and her rising from the Ashes! She shares with us her own personal transformation, through her divorce, the loss of her child and how she is now in service to others using her own experience. My own AH-HA came through while she was speaking about the root chakra and it caused me to uncover another piece of myself to honor and work through. Angie and I have many common threads and it was a joy and pleasure to welcome her and see her heart on this episode!

Please see her bio below:

Angie Monko is the owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching and a Conscious Women’s Divorce Coach. She guides women to heal from divorce and help their kids through it, so they can move forward stronger and happier into their next chapter.

Angie was a good person, but she didn’t know how to advocate for her or her child when going through divorce. Not knowing what to expect, she felt insecure, scared, timid, unworthy and undeserving, and the worst possible thing happened.

Her two-year old daughter, Maddie, paid the ultimate price.  She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. The emotional challenges resulting from the divorce and being put in the middle of her parents’ bitter love triangle significantly impacted her health.

Maddie transitioned in 2018 when she was only 22. Angie believes that had she and her ex been able to consciously co-parent, it would have significantly reduced the stress and negative impact on Maddie. With greater feelings of self-worth, she would have been more resilient and able to manage her illness.

The negative impact of divorce on young children is very common.  They have a 25-30% greater chance of depression, anxiety, declining grades, drug and alcohol abuse, and self-defeating behaviors such as acting out with anger and failure to thrive. The long-term mental and emotional effects of divorce remain with children, often a minimum of two decades and even for a lifetime.

After Angie’s painful divorce experience, she vowed to help as many women and children as possible to avoid what she experienced. 

Angie created Harmony Harbor Coaching as a sacred, safe container for women going through divorce or loss to heal, get support and confidently move forward as a Loving Self-Advocate, where they learn to honor, respect and be patient with all parts of themselves, especially the hurt, traumatized inner child.

Angie’s mission is to create a thriving community of women who have each other’s back and show up without the metaphorical mask, where deep friendships, honest communication, true support, love and collaborations abound. 

By creating this safe space of support in her workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, women better communicate their needs and manage their energy, thus creating harmony and connection within themselves. The effects are felt as a ripple effect which spreads to their family unit, out to their communities and around the world, bringing more compassion, empathy, love and unity to how people relate to one another.

Under Angie’s guidance, women have become healthy and vital role models for their children, family, friends and all they influence. By being true to themselves, they became empowered and feel lovable and supported, thus breaking the chains of the past and fully stepping into their power. 

Angie has owned Harmony Harbor Coaching since 2008, with certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis and The Healing Codes, as well as being well-versed in energy medicine, all techniques designed to re-program our thinking and heal our heart so we can take actions that feel right to our very core.