Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was talking to my coach about how much I enjoyed eating out at this Thai place (I actually had grouper in coconut curry sauce with white rice and I ordered sticky sweet rice with mango to go).   So to eat white rice is not my idea of healthy eating, and it was all cooked.  Even though, I really savored and enjoyed the food!  That sticky rice was the best, and I ate only half of it later on that night and saved the rest for the next day.  What a treat and I had no guilt. I’ve been eating mostly raw, and I can really set high standards for myself.

I know eating raw food is the best way to go for me, but I tend to be overzealous in my opinions about other foods.  Not only do I discriminate against highly processed, greasy, sugary foods which I don’t eat, I am overly critical of anything not raw.  When I don’t eat raw, I eat healthy cooked food.  I would have opted for brown rice over white if they’d had it.  But they didn’t and so I adjusted.  I tend to expend a lot of energy thinking about my food choices.

Lately I’ve experimented with making raw desserts made from raw nuts, cacao, dates, agave nectar, fruit, etc.  They are so delicious that I feel like I should feel guilty for eating them.  In fact, I feel like having one in the evening. Do you ever feel like rewarding yourself at night at the end of a long day with food?  Well, I do that.  I’m not overeating, but still….there’s that voice that says you don’t really need to eat that and it’s probably keeping you overweight…shame on you, Angie.  I’m eating more for pleasure than pain
avoidance.  I don’t necessarily think this is “bad,” but I do not welcome the associated guilt.

So what am I doing about it?  In my next article I go into more depth and explain how I’m handling it and how this ties in with my body image.  They are definitely related.

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