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I just learned a new way to do some meridian tapping from Dr. Patricia Carrington that I found fascinating.  I don’t recall exactly what she termed it, but basically you “tap in” positive experiences.  This is not her Choices method that you may be familiar with. Your goal is to create a resource state of mind that is of high vibration. It’s best to illustrate with an example. Just a couple of days ago, I received an unexpected check in the mail for $189.  The same day I received two very nice compliments from women I  helped.

So Pat just explained that when we’re in an already good state of mind, that we simply need to do one round of tapping at the basic eight points (see for the points and click on EFT Weight Loss Program on the left).  The round would go like this: Start at the beginning of the eyebrow and tap through all eight points, saying what is appropriate to your situation.

In my two examples above, I might say:  “I like this compliment.  I feel fulfilled when I think I’m helping others.  I want more of this!  I expect more of this.  I’m grateful for this compliment.  I feel joyful helping others.  I definitely want more of this!  I want more of this and so it is!”   See how simple that is and it will take only a few seconds! On the unexpected cash:  “It is so much fun to receive unexpected money!  I want to remember this feeling.  I want to experience more of this gleeful feeling.  I’m great at receiving abundance!  I want more of this experience.

I want to know that money comes from anywhere, not just my job.  I want more of this feeling. I am so grateful for my unlimited abundance and so it is!” Don’t get hung up on words.  Just speak from your heart.  If you are in a negative place, tap on your karate chop and say an “Even though” statement, such as, “Even though I am worried about paying my bills and my checking account running out, I love and accept myself now anyway.  Even though I feel trapped with my finances, I choose to feel like I did that time near
the ocean, peaceful and calm.  Even though I feel anxiety in my stomach due to my lack of money, I choose to feel how I did that one day while I sat in a chaise lounge, with the sun streaming on my face and hearing the birds chirp.”

It’s all about creating a resource state in your mind that works for you and calms you. Then you tap that in.  Pat suggests you keep a little journal at night to write down your high peak moments that brought you joy during the day.  She stressed that it is the little moment that means everything.   And you don’t have to be in a high peak state very long (a second or two is enough) to raise your vibration and begin attracting different results into your life. So look  for the little things that mean a lot and tap them in to your
subconscious and tell life you want more of that!

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