“Questioner: Is your world full of things and people as is mine?

Maharaj: No, it is full of myself.”

This was Quote #272 by Nisargadatta Maharaj (an Indian guru
of non-dualism) from the book The Seven Steps to Awakening.

I read a quote daily and then write its purpose and how I
might practice it. I don’t go back and make sure that
I’ve practiced it. I simply ponder it in the moment and let it
seep into my consciousness and express as it will. And I do this
quickly so that I don’t over-think it, but let the wisdom come
from my heart.

Here is what I wrote today about this quote.

Purpose: Everything I “see” is but a reflection of me.

Practice: Hmmmm….how does the corruption that I see
in the world right now mirror my own thinking?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the extreme drama of the day.
Some say to look back in history to 1933 when Hitler was trying
to capture control of Germany. They say that with all the
propaganda and censorship, this time seems reminiscent of that.

I guess that depends upon your perspective. Either way,
no matter your choice of drama “fix,” it’s an addiction to distraction
that we all contend with.

Others say that this life experience is all but a dream that all goes
on inside of our mind, which has a very limited view of Reality.

How aware can we be? My bias is that if we see everything happening
”out there” as a reflection of what’s being played out “in here,” we can
feel the most empowered about life.

In my case, I learned not to trust life at an early age, losing a close
loved one at 6 years old. Though I’m repairing the relationship now,
I didn’t feel safe and protected by my dad when growing up.

I guess it’s not surprising that I have lost trust in our government
and other authority figures. Although admittedly I DID trust the
government up until the last year, not necessarily because they were
trustworthy before then, but because I’ve become more aware.

What if the pandemic and its bizarre twist of events is an opportunity
for each of us to heal whatever trauma we’ve experienced from our past?

And we have all had trauma, even if we think our childhood was perfect
because children interpret the smallest of things in the strangest of ways.

The reading from June 1 Voices of Recovery is stating in another way
what I’m saying:

“‘Were entirely ready to have God/Higher Power remove all these defects
of character.’

I recognize many of my character defects when I react strongly to seeing
them displayed by other people. When I notice character defects in other
and realize that I still practice them in myself, even though I don’t want to,
I know I need Higher Power’s embrace. For me, the first stage of Step Six is to accept
that I have weaknesses and to know that God embraces me nonetheless.”

It’s not a problem that the world of people and things mirrors back
to us what we don’t like about ourselves.
As long as we are human, we
will have the “good” and the “bad” to contend with, within ourselves.

If we get curious about such things, we will find that we are very
resilient indeed.
Are you curious about what you are capable of?

What do you need to heal in order to step into this new reality?

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Much Love,

Angie Monko, The Relationship Renovator