Sorry-but it’s all about me today!  Yes, I’m choosing not to follow prescribed wisdom and start this email about YOU.  Why?

Because I want to see if we’re a good fit. Do you want to play with me?

I want you to know who I am…so you can decide if you want to continue to read my emails. I want you to engage with me.

I also want to tell you what I’ve been up to and why you haven’t heard from me in March.  And of course, this will come back around to being about you too. Smiles…

Anytime I write it’s really about both of us, not just you and not just me.

I’ve not been hiding out even though you haven’t heard from me.

I’ve been soul-searching. I’m 48 years old and in the last three years, life has gotten hard.

My almost-22-year-old daughter, Maddie’s, cystic fibrosis has progressed, my mom is aging and having pain, I’ve lost friends and loved ones to death, and my business’ cash flow hasn’t been as steady as I would like.  That’s no wonder since our business directly mirrors back how we feel about our self and our energy.

Life lost some of its luster and innocence for me. I’ve always had this naïve belief that my life had to look a certain way for me to be happy… so many conditions.

I had to feel healthy and look good, my family needed to be healthy and happy, I needed to have little to no debt and make gobs of money, my husband and I needed to have harmony and not fight with each other, and on and on.

Of course, these are admirable things to want. We all want these things, right?!

Yes, we do…

And before you suspect I’ve become hardened to happiness or disillusioned by life, please hang with me. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve hit enough brick walls though to realize that happiness does NOT come from circumstances looking a certain way, from people being nice to me, from the amount on my scale or in my bank account.

True happiness shows up when I show up for myself…when I stop comparing myself to others.
I am aligned when I stop feeling insecure that I should somehow be further ahead because I’ve been in my business for 10 years, 7 full-time.

So much of my anxiety has stemmed from being unaware of who I really am and not appreciating my wholeness, beauty and sensitivity…              just as I am…

I’ve allowed friends, coaches of all kinds—business, marketing, and life coaches, my family, in particular my dad, to define my worth and who I should be, how I should feel about myself.

I don’t discount their help or regret one second of the help each “teacher” has provided in helping me up my game and reflect back my fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs.

But now I say “NO MORE!” to feeling like who I am is not enough.

I DO have the inner resources and strength within myself to TRUST myself to make the best decisions for myself.

I do this by increasing my faith in God (Higher Power, call it what you will), surrendering to this invisible presence, and being willing to receive my good and truly give from a place of LOVE.

The way that I will write and market my message will come from my heart. I will not write to please you or twist my message to get you to take actions.

You’ll take action if what I write resonates with your heart, mind and soul. This is what we both want really.

If you respond to my writing or outreach, it will because you’re ready… ready to receive and truly give of your gifts and talents, just like I am.

I’m tired of all the excuses I’ve made for myself.  I’m ready to stop being a martyr, because I HAVE been one—make no mistake about that.

I just had no idea I was being a martyr.  Of course, I taught others NOT to be a martyr and stop their codependent behaviors of rescuing and enabling others. I just didn’t see my own stuff.

Perhaps you’ll want to unsubscribe after reading this. This coach isn’t perfect, never has been, and never will be. That’s OK. I say that with 100% sincerity and full love in my heart that it
won’t hurt my feelings.  You are free to go…J if my writing offends. I couldn’t have said that a few weeks ago.  I have clarity that I want to speak my truth, rise up to the occasion of life, no matter
what’s going on around me…

How do we match up? Do you value what I do?

I value (in no particular order of importance) and am committed to imperfectly practicing:

1)    Deep connection with myself and others.

2)    Honest, open, real communication (no pretense or airs).

3)    Giving service from a place of love and opening my heart– no matter how vulnerable I feel.

4)    Loving my friends, family and clients from a place of empowerment, not self-pity, but believing they have everything it takes to step up, like I am doing.

5)    Deep faith in God, that the Universe has my back, despite appearances to the contrary.

6)    Trust in myself, loving, accepting and forgiving my past and all of my mistakes.

7)    Willingness to receive the right support for me—always checking in with myself to see if a decision feels right for me, whether it’s to work with someone, invest in a program, commit my time to something, etc.

8)    Open-ness to receiving prosperity of love, time and money, because I AM Enough (and so are you).

9)    Committed to my own path of self-growth and self-care. Always checking in with to see if how I’m choosing to manage my energy aligns with my core values.

10) By receiving the truth that I am worthy, lovable and capable, I am able to supremely serve those in my life.

I invite you to attend a monthly workshop that I offer on the 2nd Thursday called Frontier to Your Freedom. The next one is this Thursday, April 12th. Register here.

Your Freedom begins when you rise up, speak up, and show up for yourself! Is this your time?


Angie Monko

P.S.: If you want to join others in a safe, sacred space of healing, by loving, accepting and forgiving yourself, show up this Thursday.