Life can feel like a tug of war at times, huh?

You have this committee in your head that is often in conflict.

One “person” on the committee repeatedly advises you to do things that seem reasonable and intelligent. Let’s call this part your Higher Self.

Another sounds like a whiny child, yet another like  a severe critic, one who is easy and wants to let you off the hook, and so forth.

Who exactly is in charge of you anyhow?  The answer is that ALL of these parts contribute to your life experience, and you don’t want to get rid of them.  They truly make your life the contrast of emotion and drama that is thrilling.

Although you may feel like a victim, and even feel sorry for yourself at times, the Truth is that you are NEVER a victim.  You are a unique expression of True Creative Essence (call it God, Infinite Intelligence, what have you).

Your true essence is a spiritual being having a physical experience.  The more  you can appreciate this experience, not resist it, especially when times are tough, the more fulfilled and truly happy you’ll be.

To make your human experience enjoyable, it might help if you discipline your unruly parts by reminding them that it’s alright to get what you want, let them know who’s in charge, love them, and then distract them.

Here is an example.  Your Higher Self wants to consistently work on growing your business, but other, less disciplined parts of you want to goof off, look at too much Facebook, watch excess TV, etc., when you really haven’t earned those rewards.

Have a conversation with those unruly parts, “Hey look, I understand you want to have FUN, and I do love that about you.  But right now I’m in charge, and we’re going to stick to the plan.  Once we’re done, I will reward you with something fun. In the meanwhile, go take a nap.”

Be gentle on yourself when you make mistakes.  Ask your Higher Self for help.  When I was growing up, I felt like I needed to be in control to avoid the chaos in my family life.

I felt alone and like I had to figure everything out.  Maybe you feel the same way.  It’s not true!  We are never alone…

Help is available 24/7.  One thing is certain.   Your Higher Self (as run by God or True Creative Essence) is in  charge of everything ultimately.  Might as well surrender to this wiser aspect of YOU. What do you have to lose?  What do you say–ready for a truce with yourself, with life?

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