Joe Craig helped me, through a process called Timeline therapy, to clear anger and sadness and other others.  We did anger and sadness on Saturday.  On Sunday, before he cleared fear, I felt vulnerable.  I realize it””s because anger has served to protect me. I thought I”d released most anger in my life but it had been lying dormant in my subconscious mind, and it surfaces every now and again, especially if I feel my
loved ones are being threatened.

This is the fighter inside of me, my 11-year-old who needs to protect my mom from physical abuse from my dad. It has served me well.  And I honor and acknowledge that part of me.  All I can say is I feel more connected to ME, my True Self.  The anger was blocking me from God and having true compassion for others. What is compassion? Seeing others”” God Self, seeing beyond their human behavior and limitations.  We have been living in a fog of disillusionment.  Some of us have thicker cloud covers
than others is all. Behind all that gunk (fear, anger, guilt, shame, hurt) is our Divine Self, waiting to be discovered and remembered.

One way to help you remove the gunk is to communicate with your subconscious mind.  My dear friend and business coach, Dawn Ferguson, is teaching one of my favorite classes next month, Life and Business Mastery through Self Hypnosis.  It would be wise to seriously consider attending. Are these some of the questions you just haven”t been able to find the answers for: ·

If my bad habit is so bad for me, why can”t I stop? ·     Why do I always say yes, when I really mean no? ·     I””m tired of being tired…what happened to the passionate person I dreamed of becoming? ·     I get so close to my goal and then I quit or a sabotage myself, WHY? ·     Anxiety, fear, stress, are overwhelming my life, how do I STOP?!

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God Bless,

Angie Monko