Hello Friends,

I truly believe if we can release the fear, we can release the fat.  Fear and anxiety get trapped in our energy bodies.  Fear and tension create a tightening of muscles, a sort of “holding on tightly” to life.  When we hold on to control out of fear, this manifests as holding on to extra weight for some of us. When am I relaxed and calm, life flows so much more smoothly.  I don’t need to worry about getting things done or being
productive to feel good enough.  I can just be in the moment.  Of course, you can use meridian tapping to clear out these blockages of stuck energy.

Estimate when you first had the fear emotion in your life and where you now feel it in your body (see my example).  Tap on your karate chop point and say this 3 times, “Even though I have this fear which occurred when I was born up until the age of 10, I choose to release this fear and I choose to love, accept, trust & forgive myself and anyone else who may have contributed to the fear.”  Next tap on all of the energy meridians, just tuning into the fear.  You can also say a reminder phrase as you tap, this fear.  If you
still feel fearful, then do another round of repeating the setup phrase and tapping, but use the word “reamaining fear” where appropriate.

If the fear persists after a couple of rounds, you can say soemthing like, “I now ask each and every part of me to cooperate in releasing this fear.” We really don’t have to live in fear.  Fear is a choice.  We can live in peace and this will drastically affect our weight release efforts.   We won’t feel the need to overeat when we are at peace.

When fear strikes our heart, and it most likely will, we can do the tapping immediately and pray to get back on the path to peace.  Faith is action.  The action can be as simple as surrendering to what is, no longer fighting it.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,