Happy Spring!

May your heart come alive with the look and feel of this new season.  I took my dog, Kipper, for an hour long walk today, because I didn’t have the energy to do my normal workout due to a lymphatic massage for my liver. It was quite lovely.  There was a gentle mist the whole way, and my hair was wet by the time I got home.  The air smelled of sweet blossoms from the pear trees and freshly-laid fertilizer in people’s yards.  The birds sang a beautiful symphony.  It was |wonderful to be out in nature, a luxury I don’t allow myself enough. Life is so much more grand when I focus on the beauty of it and remain in awe of its many gifts.

Now, just for the sake of contrast, I will relay my experience of walking Kipper from a negative standpoint. I started out on my walk because I had such low energy to do anything else. From the start, it was raining, and I wondered if I should turn back.  Kipper kept tugging at me to pee on a tree or clump of grass.  I gave in a few times.  About half way through the walk, I had to pee myself.  My nose was running, and although it started out chilly, I was now hot. So I took off my jacket. Kipper then decided he had to poop, but I couldn’t get to my bag in time to place it under his butt to catch the droppings.  No sticks were around to assist in
getting the poop into the bag.  So I did my best to work it all into the bag.  I arrived back home a 1/2 hour later, sweaty and rain-drenched, with the smelly bag of poop. Now all of that did happen but it really was a pleasant walk.  The actions of Kipper and the weather didn’t really bother me, because I was focused on the beauty around me.

If I should have gotten upset, I could have applied an emotional release technique that I recently learned. You should try it.  It’s easier than tapping even, and you don’t have to figure out why you feel what you do or journal anything.

Simply do the 3 steps:

1) Ask yourself if you could welcome the negative feeling instead of resist it.
2) Ask yourself if you could let go of the feeling.  Persist until you get a yes.
3) Ask yourself if you will let go of the feeling.

If you say no, ask yourself if you would rather continue to suffer or just let it go. We often think that we ARE our emotions (I AM sad, I AM mad), but we’re not.  They aren’t attached to us; they are merely an expression of our current state of mind. You can easily release the emotion if you so choose.  This is called The Sedona Method.  Google it to learn more. Just like the coming of spring and the releasing of pent-up energy accumulated during the winter months, release your pent-up emotions that keep dragging you down.  Come alive inside.  You absolutely have the choice to be happy and free, no matter what!

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Blessings & Peace,

Angie Monko