Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda grew up in a small, country town in Illinois, surrounded
by the woods, wheat and corn fields, her favorite hound, Tabitha, her
pony, Sam, her mule, Mikey, and the dark blue fishing pond (tainted
that color by her dad to keep algae away), with many catfish, bass and

She felt very at home with the animals and sitting beneath her
favorite huge, oak tree, her back lovingly supported by its broad girth.

The sounds of the frogs and crickets in the spring time and the
whipper will in the summer have always
ushered in warm feelings
of contentment because they remind her of simpler days
as a child.

She had a magical childhood…. felt very safe and insulated
from the world. Her dad would take her on 4 wheeler rides down
the path in the woods. And with her arms around his waist and the wind
blowing her hair, she tasted heaven.

But all that was about to change. When Yolanda was 11 years old,
she learned her father wanted to divorce her mom because of
some younger woman.

And if the devastation of her dad abandoning them wasn’t enough,
she was forced to leave her childhood haven to a nearby town
that had a much larger school.

Yolanda, her mom and older brother moved into a cramped tiny
apartment. She absolutely hated it! But
she felt she couldn’t say
anything because her mom was so depressed about her father’s
and trying to figure out how to raise two kids on her own
that she didn’t want to add more stress to her.

She kept her feelings to herself and learned how to hide, but
instead of doing it in nature, she hid in potato chips, French
onion dip, iced sugar cookies, and cream horns.

Yolanda is now a married woman in her 40’s, with 2 teen boys,
a humdrum marriage, a big mortgage, and
a feeling of missing
out on the life she’d always imagined for herself.

From outside appearances, most would think she’d hit the jackpot
with a fancy house and well-mannered, attractive family.
Appearances can be deceiving.

Inside Yolanda feels lonely, irritable, disconnected. She wants
to live a life more aligned with her values, but doesn’t know how.

Can you relate to Yolanda? Many women feel this way. If you do,
I’m asking you to pause right now and really ask yourself what
you are going to do about it. Sit with this question for 5 minutes.

Then write down your feelings.

My partner, Morgan Higdon, and I have an answer for you, and it’s
a free online women’s retreat called Let Go Of What They Think,
and it’s happening next Friday and Saturday, 1/22 and 1/23/21.

During this two days, we will:

1) Go deep into WHY it’s hard to live your own life when listening
to everybody else’s instructions but your own and how to let go
of what they think.

2) Share a powerful process we’ve developed to interrupt this pattern of
unhealthy people pleasing.

3) Place you on a path to rewire your thinking and heal your heart of past
hurts and trauma.

4) Help you learn how to manage your energy, which is at the
heart of time mastery.

We really want you to be there. You’ll know in your heart if it feels right
for you AND the right time. Register here now.

Love you,

Angie & Morgan