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Can you be polarizing AND spiritual at the same time?

What I mean by polarizing is being at the opposite end
of the spectrum of two diverse views, values, beliefs and/or
world views.

Can you express your views openly, taking a stand for what
you believe in, even if makes other people feel uncomfortable?

On my last video from Friday, I spoke about Nature teaching us how
to live a life in flow and non-resistance. The Monk seals, turtles
and Wisteria trees (in the photo) are all pointing towards a life of
ease when we just let things be as they are.

Certainly there is much wisdom in embracing LIFE as it IS
on Life’s terms.

So what do I mean by being spiritual?

My definition is being in tune with the True Nature of
, what’s going on behind the scenes of this physical
Earth plane. Who is creating our life? Who are we REALLY?

Everything that is happening is acceptable to the Universe,
to our Creator. Earth is a playground of diversity and contrast,
and we certainly have a plethora of varying opinions.

Getting curious about these sorts of things is what I mean
by being spiritual.

So the answer to my question about whether you can be
SPIRITUAL and POLARIZING simultaneously depends on
your definitions of both.

My coach recently encouraged me to be all in, fully Angie,
because I have “beautiful opinions,” according to her. If it
creates polarity, so be it. I can still be polarizing and spiritual.

This makes sense if you believe that Life is big enough to support
all beliefs and experiences.

If we are overly concerned about keeping others shielded from
our uncomfortable opinions, thoughts and feelings, because
we fear conflict, then how will expansion and betterment come

Won’t we keep settling for the status quo?

Ultimately, I believe the Universe is vast enough to handle it if
we go with the flow at times and take a stand for something
we strongly believe in that might cause discomfort, conflict and

Like the Wisteria tree that ebbs and flows with high winds, the
tree still stands when given resistance
, doesn’t it? It doesn’t fall over
when Nature rains, hails, gives intense heat, or blows forceful winds
upon her, does it?

The Wisteria tree is beautiful, strong in all her Essence. She flows
AND she has unique personality and character. She stands out.

So can you.

In other words, it’s OK to be all in with being yourself, and still be living
a life of flow in alignment with spirituality.

“Strong in their softness are the sprays of the wisteria
creeper; the pine in its hardness is broken by the weak
snow.” Master Jukyu

Want to be part of a community that allows you to “be all in”
with being YOU?
It’s one of our gifts, to be non-judgmental no
matter where you fall with your beliefs.

Nobody is perfect. No one is innocent either. We all come pre-
packaged with flaws and incorrect perceptions of reality, incorrect
in that certain views cause us to suffer, and yet we insist on holding
onto these views.

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You deserve to feel good being you, having all of your beautiful
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Much Love,

Angie Monko