Dear Friends,

I think that the answer to ALL of my problems is self-love and self-acceptance. Being a compulsive personality, it’s easy for me to want everything perfect and orderly and planned out. As a result, I like to set goals for myself and set up all sorts of expectations about where I should be at in my life, with career, body
weight and size, spiritual health, relationships, etc.   After all, I’m very familiar with the law of attraction and how thoughts are things that vibrate and reflect back to me my current reality.

The problem is that sometimes I get stuck in what I call “stinking thinking.” I know how my thinking actually magnifies to me what I believe about the world, and if my beliefs are negative, then I can expect pain and suffering. The other problem is that I get so caught up in HOW I’m going to accomplish
my desires (back to the goal-setting) that I can easily lose my serenity. When I really began to scrutinize my goals (for example, to be financially independent and a magnate for Divine prosperity and to be a normal size 6), I asked myself why do I want these things?

Well, I want to have enough money so that I can have enough time to do exactly as I want (travel, create, help others to heal, be with my family, etc.).  Why do I want these things?  So that I can feel at peace within myself. I want to be a couple sizes smaller because I want to feel at peace with my body ALL of the
time (not just sometimes). But it’s inaccurate to think I’ll be at peace if I release weight.  I’ll stay be the same person with distorted thinking in a thinner body. Ironically, the weight just gives me a reason to be distracted from finding peace.

So ultimately, I just want peace and to feel safe and loved.  How do I get that? By loving and accepting myself exactly as I am right now with no strings attached and by loving what is my current reality (continued in part II).

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko

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