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So the million dollar question is “How do you love and accept yourself exactly as you are and not rely on external circumstances to determine your self-worth?” If I could bottle this solution, I would be extremely wealthy! I made a list of what I call my “peace robbers,” things that I tend to worry about and fret over, things that repeatedly rob me of my inner peace. For example, sometimes I allow myself to feel rejected by others, and I give them my power. In other words, by giving them my power, I allow them to determine my feelings of self-worth and hence my mood.

So I do a tapping sequence by rubbing my sore spot and saying “Even though I feel rejected by others and give them my power, I am now willing to release this limiting belief and love & accept myself as I am right now.” I also follow some tips from Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I look in the mirror and say “I love you, Angie, as you are. I really love you.” This may be hard to do at first, and the more resistant
you are to doing it, the more you need to do it to heal a part of you. It will get easier.

Next, any time negative thoughts come up, especially self-criticism, instead of fighting the emotion, I just go within and feel the emotion (get out of my mind/head). I allow the emotion to exist, and then, amazingly, it dissipates. I might also say “I am aware that my ego is creating this situation and feeling of separatism, and I choose to reclaim my power now.” I can say this as many times as necessary. I will always have thoughts that try to convince me to feel bad, and my awareness is what saves me.

Imagine yourself as a small, frightened child, because this part does exist inside of you. Would you criticize this little child and berate her because she was afraid, or would you compassionately reassure her that all is okay and she is safe? You would do the latter. Why should you treat yourself any differently? Do not tolerate any self-criticism. It doesn’t serve you or anyone else in any way. Protect your inner child. You will be well on your way to self-acceptance if you will begin to practice these simple and practical,
yet powerful, exercises.

Create a wonderful day!

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Angie Monko

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