Hello Friends,

I transcribed the following from the CD called The Secret to Self-Love by Brad Yates. He was a participant in the 2009 World Tapping Summit.  I found this particular tapping so useful that I actually listened to it and wrote it down so that I wouldn’t have to keep referring back to the CD part.  As you’veheard me say many, many times, our answers lie within us.  When we remove our blocks of fear and shame and other ego traits, we are clear about our true Selves.

This tapping will help you with just that, coming into alignment with our Souls and Higher Selves.  It’s all about Self-Love. I understand it’s not easy to love our selves with a lower case s because it’s our ego’s natural inclination to attack and criticize and berate.  So we make a decision to stretch and expand our ears a bit and listen for our Soul’s messages.  Eventually we can begin to quiet the ego’s voice.

Make no mistake–this takes daily practice and a sincere desire to know our God Selves.   Use the following tapping to get to know your Self and feel joy that you’ve felt before.  Say this in the morning to start your day right (for tapping mechanics, see www.harmonyharbor.com or contact me at number below). Karate chop or sore spot:
I choose to love myself today. I choose to love and forgive myself.  I choose to love and accept myself.  I choose to really love myself today. I choose to treat myself with self love and self care.  I treat myself with self respect.  I choose to acknowledge myself as loving and deserving of self respect.  And I deeply and completely love and forgive and accept myself and anyone else who shows up in my life today.

Tap: I choose to love myself today.  I choose to love myself today.  I choose to know I deserve that.  Maybe I have some reason why I’m not buying this.  I may doubt how lovable I am. I may doubt how deserving I am of love and respect.  And I choose to clear those doubts, releasing them at a cellular level.  They are misunderstandings. I choose to know that.  And besides which, they don’t do anyone any good.  No one
will benefit from any lack of self love, and I won’t benefit from it.  So why persist in it?

Releasing this lack of self love.  Allowing myself to love myself.  Allowing myself to know it’s okay to love myself.  Allowing myself to know it’s right to love myself.  That I honor the Creator by loving the Creator’s work.  I am worthy and deserving of love and respect.  And maybe there are some times when I make things tough on myself. And that IS love.  Maybe I believe that I’m helping myself or protecting myself from something I should not have.  And I choose to release ideas that cause fear, that block me from things that I could otherwise really enjoy.  Releasing the fears.

I choose to know that I’m smart enough to know what’s really good for me.  I have a lot of old ideas about things that are dangerous, about things that are wrong, and some of these are unfounded.  And they’re based on myths and I’m releasing those.  So I can face the day with an open mind and open eyes and open arms to allow the best that’s possible.  And what could be more loving for myself?  The more I really love myself, the more I’m going to attract those things that are really good for me.  As I really love myself, I naturally will NOT attract those things that are harmful for me.  The more I love myself, the more good naturally comes to me.  And that benefits others too.  It’s a win/win situation.  So I’m loving myself today.
And so it is! Say this before bed or after work: Karate chop:  I choose to feel love for myself.

I choose to love and accept myself.  I choose to feel love for myself.  I choose to love and accept myself.  I choose to feel love for myself and clear out the things I’ve been carrying with me, especially the things that have been bothering me.  Maybe things have happened today either to me or things I’ve done that I’m not feeling too good about, and I choose to clear that away so I can feel love for myself and I get a good night’s sleep which is a wonderful act of self-love.  So I choose to love myself and deeply and completely love and forgive and accept myself and anyone else who contributes to this.  Tap:  I choose to love myself.  I choose to love myself.  And maybe that means forgiving myself for how I’ve been today.

Maybe I’ve done things or thought things or said things that I don’t feel too good about.  And how can I forgive myself?  And why should I forgive myself?  If I’ve done something wrong, shouldn’t I feel badly about it?  Wouldn’t that make me a better person?  I choose to release that idea.  If there are amends I need to make, things I need to do, to make things right, I’m going to do so because that’s an act of self-love as well as love towards another.  But I can’t suffer enough right now to do anyone any good.  So I choose to love myself.  Releasing the blocks to that.  Releasing any sadness.  Releasing any anger.  Allowing myself to forgive myself.  Because it’s good for me and it’s good for the world at large.
And maybe I’ve allowed things into my life today that I’m regretting.  Maybe things have happened to me.

People have done things or said things to me that I don’t feel too good about, and I have to ask myself.  What good is it going to do me to hold onto this now?  I’m letting it go.  I choose to love myself that much.  I chose to love myself enough to be at peace now.  To give myself peace of mind.  Relaxing.  Giving myself peace.  Loving myself because I deserve that in body, mind and spirit.  And so it is! Enjoy!  This is powerful stuff! Sweet dreams…

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Peace & Love,

Angie Monko,